WARNING: Important Please Read

Dear Ragamuffin Customers & Supporters:

Thank you all for your continued support over the years. Whether you are just joining the Ragamuffin community today or have been with me since the beginning (about 9 years ago), I am more than honored that you’ve allowed me to be part of your sewing journey. I hope I’ve been a source of inspiration for you as you all have been the source of mine. I want to thank you for every share, like, and comment you’ve given to me and more importantly to each other. This is not just a business website, group, page or profile… This is a community where we come together and share our love for creating.

We are here to lift each other up, dish out encouragement and offer advice when asked or needed. I value each and every one of you regardless if you’ve purchased my products or are simply here to enjoy the freebies & giveaways. No matter the reason or how you’ve come to find my obscure little corner of the internet, I want you to know YOU are what makes this all worthwhile. You guys (and of course the Big Guy upstairs) are what drive me to be creative and to the best of my ability offer the best PDF sewing patterns I can. 

With that said I’d like to ask everyone to STOP purchasing patterns from my website until further notice. 

I do not have access to all areas of the backend of my site which includes customer accounts and information. I also lost access to my email address Jenn@littleragamuffin.com, so any communction you may have or will send there has not and will not be answered or seen by me.

Without these tools I cannot help with customer service issues pertaining to purchases made through the website. If you have access to your Little Ragamuffin customer account, I suggest you log-in and download all of your purchases as well as take a screenshot of your purchases for your future records.

I understand this is not an ideal situation, but at this time I do not have control or over or access to certain areas of the website. Please know your information is safe and secure, that is not something to worry or stress about. The programs/ website has not been hacked or otherwise compromised. 

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or other customer service issues feel free to send me a DM to any of my social media accounts or email me at 411.Ragamuffin@gmail.com and I will address your concern or solve your individual issue to the best of my ability.

My Etsy shop is open and will remain open for new purchases. I have dropped the price per pattern to $0.50 for the indefinite future or until the website issue is resolved.

I am thankful and very much appreciate your continued grace and understanding.

Jenn Richardson, Little Ragamuffin

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