“V”ery Nice Butt Leggings Hack

We all have our reasons for loving our leggings and work out gear.  Maybe you have a work out resolution for the new year,  enjoy daily yoga, or  just like comfy pants (aka leggins), I know we can all agree we love our leggings.  So, whatever drives your leggins obsession,  know that they don’t have to be plain Jane, you can have that element of sexy with a few easy modifications.

Today, I am using Patterns for Pirates, Peg Legs leggins for this hack.  I also like to draw right on my pattern piece, but if you don’t want to, just transfer your pattern to another paper.

Step one, fold your pattern in half.  You want to line up your crotch points and side seam as if you were sewing them together.  Mark your center at the top.

Now, open up your pattern and measure your distance from the center to the back point. Mine is 6″.

This part is is up to you, how low you want your “V” to be.  I made mine 2″, so that is where I marked my pattern.

Then ext step is to take your first measurement (The center to back number- mine was 6″ )and measure that amount from the center to your “V point mark. You want to keep this the same, so your waistband will be the same length.  I folded mine down for easy cutting.  So, now you can cut your pant legs out.
If you are not going lower than 2” for your “V” skip the next image.

**If you are going to go lower than 2″ for your “V”, I suggest making your slightly curved up toward the center mark.  The pattern already has a nice curve shape to it, but If you cut too low, you will loose that natural curve.  To prevent this just arch your cut and grade it slightly until you reach the center mark. **

Not curved- 2″ V dip, staying with the natural curve of the pattern.

In order to cut the waistband you need to do a little math.  We are splitting the waist band into 2 pieces. Measure your front to center.  Take that number and multiply by 0.90 (90% of the length), you will need to add in seam allowance for both sides.  I added 1/4″ since I am using my serger, but if you want 1/2″ you can do that.  Just remember to add it to both ends.
Do the same for the back piece.  Measure – mine was 6″ remember- So, the back is 12″.  Here is my math.
12 x 0.90 = 10.8   (length)
I need to add in my seam allowance 1/4″ for both ends, so really 1/2″.
My back band is 11.25″ – Yes, I am rounding it off just a little to make it easier.

You need to add in the 2″ for the “V” we cut out of the back.  This will be added to your length.  If you are cutting on a fold, 2″ is what you will add.  If you are not cutting it on a fold you will need 4″, since you are going to fold your waistband over later.  If you changed the 2″ v to something else, just replace my numbers with yours.

Once you cut your bands it will be just a couple quick steps and you’ll be done.   This is your back band.
Fold it in half top to bottom. Then fold it in half again.

Now you will cut out your “V” shape.  measure up the side with your raw edges 2″, or how deep you are making your “V”.  Then measure on an angle to the center point of the bottom, the back to center number.  Remember mine was 6″.  Cut that angle piece out.
If you are not going lower than 2″ for your “V” skip the next image.

**If you are going to go lower than 2″ for your “V”,  you will be cutting this out with a slight curve.  You can copy your curve “v” shape from your pant leg to this piece for a perfect fit.**

Not curved- 2″ V dip, staying with the natural curve of the pattern.

Here is what your band pieces will look like now folded in half.

Sew the sides together.   Fold in half.  Mark your front center, back center (your point) and the side seams are your side centers.

Once you have your pins or clips marking your waistband 1/4 points, do the same to your leggings and sew it on as the pattern recommends.

Curved 4″ deep V

You are finished and you now have a “V”ery nice back side of you new favorite pair of pants.
Like my fabric used here:
Main leggings fabric, faux sparkles and donut waistband is from Pink Zeppelin Fabric
Solid Waistbands and brown main fabric is from Purple seamstress Fabric
Shorties fabric is from Dark Matter Fabric

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  1. I loved this hack! This would pair perfectly with a v style band! The overlapping of the v style band would add so much more to it as this already does. Thank you!

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