Upgrade Your Paper Pattern Pieces

What do you do with all those PDF patterns you have printed?  You know that stack of printed paper you carefully taped, glued, or may have even used your kids stickers (yup, guilty) to piece together and then carefully cut out.  How long do you think they will stay nice and crisp for optimal cutting accuracy?  If you are like me- Not long.  I have so many patterns, but only a few I use regularly.  The ones I use all the time are the ones I need to protect.  So, I got myself some clear plastic cutting mats – Yeah, like for your kitchen!

This is a game changer.  I simply traced my pieces onto the plastic mats and cut them out, then labeled them with a sharpie.  Not only will this protect your pattern piece from getting ruined and having to reprint them, but it is great for fabric placement too!  Since these are clear plastic you can see right through them, so you can position your fabric for the perfect cut every time.

I mostly use these for bodice pattern piece and straps, bands, or things I need to measure and cut frequently.  If you have larger pieces ( Adult patterns, leggings, or circle skirts) you might want to transfer to plastic I recommend a roll of clear table cloth liner.  You can also use a ready made clear table liner.  With the plastic sheeting, you won’t even need fabric weights.  It is heavy enough to stay put while you cut around it.
Another great thing is you will not need your plastic ruler or scissors as much.  You can just breeze through with your rotary cutter, saving time!

These are great for upcycling or using panels.

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  1. I was watching a sewing show on tv and she was using a clear pattern. What a fantastic idea. Thank you for sharing this great idea.

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