Trendy Tie Front Hack for Lil’ Angel & Honky Tonk Angel

From the moment Jenn showed me the sample for the Honky Tonk Angel, I knew I would be using this pattern over and over and over!! Then, she made it even better by adding a million options for us AND a version for the young ladies in our lives! I have so many Angels between me and my daughter.

My daughter tried hers on said, “It would be nice if there were a tie right here in the front!” … so Jenn & I made it happen! There’s nothing I love more than making my best girl happy. We’ve decided to share this hack with all of you for FREE!  Check out the details below. Please feel free to tag me in the main group on Facebook if anything is unclear or you have any questions.

Angel Patterns can be purchased here:

Angel Bundle

Honky Tonk Angel for Women

Lil’ Angel for Girls

Fabrics Featured:

Wonder Woman, Fashion Fabrics, and Custom Knit Prints from Pink Zeppelin Fabrics

Cotton Lycra Solids from Purpleseamstress Fabrics


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Print, assemble and cut out the Angel Pattern of your choice & the Tie Front Piece. (Download HERE : you will need to be a member of the Ragamuffin Patterns Facebook group to get the pattern piece)















Take a ruler to the front shirt piece and measure ¾” from the cut line of the length you are using. This is the hem allowance. Draw a line at the ¾” mark then fold the pattern piece under.








Now lay the Tie Front Piece on top of the piece you just folded under. Line the Tie Front Piece up at the fold, the seam and bottom that was folded under. Pin or tape it in place.










Grab your fabric and cut out all pattern pieces that you will need to complete the shirt. Make sure you tuck under the notch on the fold for the main pattern piece when you cut around the Tie Front Piece, as the Tie Front Piece will curve above the original line. The style I am working on here is the Sleeveless, Shortie Length, Relaxed Fit–but this hack will work with any neckline, sleeve or width. Note: The Tie Front Piece is designed for the straight hem only.












Next, you will need to cut out a facing with the Tie Front Piece. You can use the same fabric or a coordinate fabric. This will be seen, so you’ll want it to match. For this, remove the Tie Front Piece from the Front Piece and cut on the fold all the way around.











Take the facing piece and serge the top edge without cutting anything off. Repeat for the edge of the Back Piece. If you do not have a serger, you can skip this step.










Hem the Back Piece ¾”. There may be a small triangle piece hanging off the edge. You can cut this off. Set the Back Piece aside.










Grab the Facing Piece and the Front Piece. Clip/Pin them together, right sides facing. Sew them together with a ¼” seam allowance. Be very careful to not pull the fabric as you sew. Note: Do not use a serger on this step.











Clip around the curves, making sure to not nick the stitches.












Turn the Tie Top Piece right side out and press/steam.












Lay the Front and Back Pieces down together, right sides facing.










Take one bottom edge and flip the Facing over the hemmed Back Piece. This will sandwich the hemmed Back Piece between the Facing and the Front Piece.  Sew/serge the side seam closed. Repeat for the other side seam.













Flip the Facing back over and straighten the bottom edge.













Turn the Shirt inside out. Starting at the side seam where the hem for the Back Piece ends, topstitch down the Facing’s top edge.













Finish the rest of the shirt as normal. If you didn’t attach sleeves beforehand, don’t worry! Just close up the seam and attach them as you would for an inset sleeve.













All that is left is for you to tie a knot in the front. Now throw that shirt on and go have some fun!


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