Thank You to our New Vendors who Stepped up and Helped Make Sure our Giveaway Will Still Happen!

Thank You!

As many of you know, my business was targeted by a group of loudmouths which caused many of the vendors, some of whom have been with me for years and I thought of as friends, to pull out of this month’s giveaway. It’s unfortunate since I’ve helped many of these businesses grow their own shops only to have them pull out, stop communicating with me, and not honor their obligations.

I’m not going to go into the details too much here, my business and my sewing groups are about having fun, and I have no interest in involving myself in the latest outrage of the day. If you don’t know what happened or are interested in the details you can read my post here or the original Facebook post here.

Thank you to our New Vendors!!!

Thankfully, there are some good people left in this world who have stepped up to the plate and have donated prizes for the rest of the giveaway. I’m truly thankful to these new vendors, all of my awesome testers who have voiced words of encouragement and jumped on my page to defend Little Ragamuffin, and to everyone who has bought patterns from me! I’d also like to thank those in the knitting community who have reached out and sent so many wonderful words of encouragement.

This is all about having fun; We are not going to let a couple of bullies spoil our fun!

Thank you to these great new vendors, please show them your support and visit their awesome businesses!

Would you like to jump on board? I want to help promote your business!

Beyond the sewing and pattern making, one of my favorite things about running Little Ragamuffin and all of my sewing groups was helping to promote others in the sewing community. There are so many great small businesses that often go unrecognized, and one of my missions has always been to help you get your name out there as well. For the testers in my groups, we endlessly try to promote you, your work, and offer affiliate income for any of the Ragamuffin Patterns that you sell as a result of your awesome work.

For others who have a small business in the sewing community, we would love for you to join our monthly giveaways and sew challenges. Ragamuffin Patterns is looking for fabric shops and sewing related businesses that are interested in partnering with us to sponsor various events and pattern tests throughout the year. If you want to partner up, hop on over and fill out this form and I will get right back to you!


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  1. AWESOME!!! Thank you for stepping up and supporting someone who is not afraid to speak the truth in a messed up and confused world. I am proud of these vendors, and look forward to checking them out and giving them my business!!

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