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Have you missed a sale or tester call lately? Are you not always on social media? Well, I don’t want you to miss a thing! And now you don’t have too! You can get all your Ragamuffin Pattern News right in your inbox.

With Facebook and other social media outlets constantly changing their algorithms, you may not be seeing everything I share, even SALES! However, if you subscribe to my newsletter you will receive information on all the latest news about Ragamuffin Patterns. You will also receive advanced notice of tester calls, sales, pattern releases, contests, and more.

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Our first newsletter will go out 6.7.20! So, don’t miss out on the first one, sign up now!

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  1. I can’t wait! Your FB group is one of the few groups I actively follow (getting notifications about posts). I’m so flaky off and on with Facebook that this newsletter will be a piece of mind knowing I’m not missing anything super important!

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