Sexy Shoulders Hack

You won’t believe how easy it is to modify almost any top or dress pattern to get the sexy off the shoulder look.  You will want to look for patterns that have a fitted- semi fitted  style to start.  This is important, because you want your top fitted through the bust and neckline – So it stays up.
These are my go-to patterns for this look:
Patterns for Pirates, Sweetheart dress
Patterns for Pirates, Layer Me UP
Patterns for Pirates, Slim Fit Raglan
A Sparkly Baby’s, Ultimate Tee
A Sparkly Baby’s Pretty Panel Tee

Cutting mat, clear plastic ruler, rotary cutter

Your First step is to measure up 2″ from the side seam point.  I like to fold my pattern over to make it easy to cut without drawing or marking on my pattern piece.

Next you will cut your top out.  Just like you normally would, only cutting across the top where you folded your pattern over.  That is the only modification to the front and back.

Do the same thing to the sleeves. Mark 2″ up from the sleeve/ armhole point.  This will be the top of your new sleeve.  The length is going to depend on how long you want the sleeve to be.

Your new cut pieces.

To make the top band, you are going to measure the top of each piece.  If you are making this for yourself, also measure around your shoulders.  Your band measurement will be calculated like this:
Shoulder measurement – 2″
Length of the top pieces (X) 0.80
Your band height should be 4″-4.5″ depending on your preference.  After you cut your band, sew the short ends together so you have a loop.  Then fold it in half matching up raw ends and mark quarters with pins or clips.

Now sew your top together.  To add the band, quarter the top starting with the back sleeve seam.  Now, match up quarter marks.  Place your band seam at the back sleeve seam of your shirt.   Sew it on.  You will need to stretch your band slightly to fit.  Remove or clips as you go.  Use the quarter marks to stretch evenly.

Now you are done!
Happy sewing

Basic tip:
Get the best sewing tools and gadgets.  The best tools don’t have to be the most expensive. Check out my favorite sewing stuff.
Sewing Stuff I Love

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