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Weather you are looking for new sewing gadgets for your sewing space or looking for a great new gift for the seamstress in your life, there is something on this list for you.  These are just a few of my go to sewing tools and gadgets, I can’t live without.  Some were total life changers!  Others are just fun to have.  Either way I love my sewing stuff!

  • Cutting mat, clear plastic ruler, rotary cutter – This is a MUST have in my opinion.  The rotary cutter is the best thing since sliced bread.  beautifully straight and clean lines make sewing everything so much easier.  And it will cut your production time in half!  I use the same ruler and mat in this set, but my rotary cutter is slightly bigger.  I do have both though…
  • Tiny embroidery scissors–  I use these for seam ripping and thread trimming. I always keep these right next to my machine while I sew.  I absolutely love these little babies!
  • Spring loaded shears – I used these for years before my rotary cutter blessed my life.  I still use these and my wrist is overly grateful for the spring action.  If you don’t have these you need them.  I still use them even though I have my rotary cutters, sometimes you just need shears!
  • Fabric marker–  I use this ALL. THE. TIME.  I love how the ink is air soluble.  You don’t have to wash or wipe it off of your fabric/ garment.  It just magically disappears after a day or so.
  • Good Thread– I love maxi lock cone thread.  The quality is smooth and I get so much less fuzz clogging up my machines.  I use the stretch thread in the loopers of my serger.
  • Cone thread holder- Since you already have cone threads, you may want to get a cone thread holder.  I have 2, so I can use my double needle with them.  I have had the plastic ones in the past and they literally have snapped in half while I was sewing.  Not fun!  I strongly recommend spending the extra few bucks and getting heavy cast iron and metal one.
  • Serger– Since you don’t technically “need” a serger, so I put this in the “want” category.  In my opinion, you need a serger! It just makes life so much better and sewing goes so much faster.  There are so many wonderful things this machine can do, that will make you more confidant in your skills as a seamstress.
  • Disappearing Ink Fabric Marker– This is great for marking fabric and transferring pattern markings. A dual purpose marking pen in 2 colors; One color removes marks with a damp cloth; The other is a disappearing ink-marks are air and water soluble
  • Wonder Clips small -These little clips are awesome for knits because unlike pins, they don’t poke the fabric.  I still use pins for quartering bands and for places you can’t stick a clip.  I just Love these.
  • Wonder clips regular size– These are also great for marking seam allowance.
  • Ball Point pins– If you like pins these are the ones you want for sewing knits.
  • Magnetic Pin Cushion-  You can use this with either pins or wonder clips. It is awesome!
  • Bobbin organizer– Keep it all together and keep it organized.  No more bobbins rolling away.
  • Jean-a-ma-jig – This is an amazing tool.   Not just for denim fabric, but it is the best for hopping thick seams.
  • Big Roll of Paper – Tracing paper is awesome for transferring patterns.  Especially if you don’t want to draw directly on your pattern piece.  And this giant roll is super sweet because you will always have enough to rip off a piece for the kids!  Keeping them busy so mama can sew!
  • Point and seam creaser–  I used to use straight pins to pull out my corners, but after several seams popping from my pins (or me pulling too hard) I found this little baby.
  • Strap turner– Sayonara chopsticks!  This bad boy is great to have on hand when you are pulling out those skinny straps. This is a few dollars well spent!
  • Needle inserter/ threader –  This is a huge help!
  • A good Iron–  You need a good iron with great steam potential for pressing seams.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the sewing stuff you love! I have several of these things already, but the thing I am most excited to get is the needle inserter! I hate having to juggle between my increasingly clumsy fingers and a pair of tweezers to insert a new needle (and then spend the next few minutes trying to make sure I got it in the right direction, due to my increasingly bad vision). 🙂 This thing looks awesome!

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