#SewDark&Twisty – a Halloween SewChallenging Event!

Back in February, I was able to bring my birthday vision to life with a challenge that brought two of my favorite things together … sewing and photography! I asked sewists to think outside the box and present me with their best photo featuring Ragamuffin Patterns presenting the model as a Zombie, Victim or Hunter… and OH MY GOSH… They delivered! It was epic and definitely made my 40th Birthday a Blast! (Check out their photos HERE)

With the success of that challenge, I decided that I wanted to keep up with the concept, so #SewChallenging Events was born! We have introduced a different theme every other month.

*April was #WreSEWmania * June was #DisneyBounding * August was #Back2School *

Now we are approaching Halloween and if you can’t tell, it’s definitely one of my favorite times of year (hence the zombie challenge). I come from a costuming and performing arts background, so any excuse to make a costume and be all dramatic and I’m ALL IN!

But Halloween can go in so many different directions! Originally, I was thinking we could do a Candy Shop theme… like Willy Wonka or Sugar Rush. Then it occurred to me that some people may have a different thing in mind for Halloween. So I put it to a vote with the members of the last challenge. I gave them several options and asked them to pick.

I present to you the October #SewChallenging Event!

What is Dark & Twisty Halloween? Think blood and guts! A young bride, dead before her time! Gender bend the dark monsters of your horror movie dreams! Embrace your worst nightmares! Bloodied gothic Lolita anyone? The darker, the gorier, the more creepy vibes the better!! I created a Pin

What do we need to do?
1- Join the SewChallenging Ragamuffins Facebook group. Please only join if you are 100% committed to sewing and providing photographs for the challege by Thursday 10-24-19.

2- Create a unique character to represent you in the theme then sew your costume using at least one Ragamuffin pattern.

3- Set up a stylized photoshoot using props, make-up, “movie magic” and all the creativity you can muster!

4- Submit a single photo to be voted on by the Ragamuffin Patterns group members.

5- Shamelessly promote yourselves to get votes on your photo!!!


What should we avoid? Happiness. Joy. Well… at least visually! I still want you to have fun with this one! No brand name happy characters unless they are undead or dying. Avoid Disney (or other popular) Villains again unless they are undead. I want voters to have a sense of unrest when they are done looking, so avoiding things that are comfortable is ideal.

That’s it!! Easy peasy, right? I really want the photos to be the focus, much like the original zombie challenge. We’ve gotten away from that a little bit. This is as much of a photography contest as a sewing contest. If you need help editing, please let me know! There are several free editing apps for phones and online for computers. You don’t need a fancy camera to pull this off!!

I checked in with some of our participants… here’s a sneak peak of what they are working on!


Thanks to Kim Burch, Holly Lynn Donaldson, Hazel Bradshaw, Lindsay Fry, Jennie Reid & Bonnie Scheeler for sharing your work! I seriously can not wait to see the final products!


This month’s prize is Sponsored by Lily Rose Fabrics! Our winner will receive a $25 Gift Card! Be sure to check out all of the beautiful fabrics offered! Be sure to join their Facebook group HERE!


I am ridiculously excited for this challenge and I hope you are too!





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