Reversible Mini Skirt tutorial

Who doesn’t love a mini skirt?  And even better a reversible skirt!  I love to wear mine over leggings or to get a faux layered look under a shirt.  These are a super quick sew.  *Disclaimer* Making this skirt may cause a mini skirt addition. Sew at your own risk.

I am using Patterns for Pirates, Pirate Pencil Skirt for this tutorial.
I started this by making a plain skirt as the pattern directed and folded up the bottom hem until I was happy with the length (or lack there of).  I settled on taking 3″ off my above the knee hem line.  After you get your length set, cut your skirt pieces.  You will need to cut fabric for 2 skirts, since this is a reversible skirt, you are really making 2 skirts.
The other alteration to the pattern you will need is for the waistband.  I am making mine into a yoga style band, so I can fold it over.   All I did here was cut it with 2x the length as the pattern called for.

Now that you have your pieces cut out.  Sew them together.  Do not fold the waistband over when you sew it on.

Here I have both skirts cut and sewn.

Slide one inside the other, right sides together.  Then sew the waistbands in the round, matching up side and back seams.

After your waistband is sewn together, open it up.  It will look like a long tube connected in the middle by the 2 waistbands.  Now slide one side inside the other, so they are wrong sides together.

Here is what you want the skirt to look like after you put them together.  The bottom will still be unhemmed.


Sewing up the bottom:
This part gets a little tricky.  But trust me it works out in the end.

  • Turn the raw edges over to match up the side seams right sides together.
  • Then you will sew these as far as you can comfortably.
  • When the skirt starts to bunch up too much, stop.  You are not trying to close up the whole bottom just yet.

See how it gets all twisted and bunched up?  This is hen you want to stop sewing.  If you try to push it, you will stretch out your fabric and you will end up with a really wavy uneven bottom hem.

After you stop sewing, flip the skirt out so it looks like this.  Now you will do the exact same thing to sew up more of the bottom.  Do not sew it completely closed.  You need a small opening to let your skirt back out.

Now you will have a small opening, about an inch or so left to close.   You can do this 2 ways.
1- Hand Stitch- This way you can control the seam better and leave it looking completely invisible.2- Machine stitch- This is what I am going to do.  I am not a fan of hand stitching,  I guess I am just lazy like that.

Pinch it closed.  Pin it in place.  Sew it up.

Now you have a super cute, completely reversible mini skirt.

Like my fabric used here:
All fabric used here is from Pink Zeppelin Fabric 

If you need more help with this, I have a sew along open in my facebook group.  You can join and ask questions. There will be a video there for closing up the bottom of your skirt.

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Comment and let me know how you like my tutorial.  If you use my tutorial or sewing tips and share them, please link back to me or use the hashtags  #LittleRagamuffinTutorial #LittleRagamuffinTip

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