Renni Dress and Tunic Review & Mods

The Renni Dress and Tunic from A Sparkly Baby is an amazing pattern.  I have not seen anything similar to it in the PDF pattern (or paper pattern -anyone still use those?) world yet.  So many options, you can make this dress 10x and not duplicate it exactly- no joke!  I love the simplicity and detail of the instruction, along with the detailed picture tutorial.  I am more of a visual person, so the pictures are really important to me.  Another really great feature is the layers for printing.  Seriously, layers are awesome!  You can print just the size you want and only the pieces you want.  This is one of the reasons I fell in love with ASB patterns.

Are you ready for the long list of options this pattern offers?  I hope so!

  • Dress length
  • Tunic Length
  • Hi/ Low Skirt
  • Split Skirt -you can choose this for all skirt options too!
  • No Sleeves
  • Short Sleeves
  • Long Sleeves
  • Optional inset Pockets
  • Simple Bodice
  • Embellished Bodice, endless possibilities!

Now that you can see all the amazing choices and options for this single pattern get ready for another option with my faux layered sleeve modification.

You will need to start by dividing your sleeve into two parts, an upper (short sleeve) and lower sleeve.  To do this you need to add seam allowance above and below the short sleeve cut line.  I am adding 1/4″ to each side, because that is my preferred seam allowance when using my serger.  It allows me to serge without cutting fabric off too much with my blade increasing the life of the blade.

Once you have your seam allowance drawn out on your pattern piece, cut your sleeves.  You will use the line below the original short sleeve cut line to the upper sleeve, and the line above to cut the lower sleeve.  The original short sleeve cut line will be where your sleeves meet.

The pattern call you to sew the sleeve with the side seam of the dress, in one step.  We are going to exclude the sleeve from this.  Sew your dress as directed, but we will add our sleeve at the end.

Take your sleeve pieces and sew the side seams and mark quarter points with pins or clips.  The cuff measurements are printed on the pattern piece. *just another little reason why I love ASB patterns.

Now that everything is mark in quarters we can assemble the sleeve.

  1. Slide the band inside the upper sleeve, right sides together.  Match up quarter marks and raw edges.
  2. Slide the lower sleeve inside the upper sleeve and band, right sides together.  Match up quarter marks and raw edges

This is what your sleeve will look like all nestled together.  Now it is ready to be sewn or serged.  Be sure to only stretch the band to fit as you sew/ serge your sleeve.  This is why we marked the quarter points.


After you are done sewing your sleeve together, add the bottom band (the measurement is on the sleeve pattern)

Your sleeve will look like this:

At this point you can go back and add your sleeve to the rest of the dress.   Just slide the sleeve inside the dress’ arm hole, right sides together, matching up center sleeve and shoulder seam on the bodice and side seams.  Gather to fit.  Sew/ serge together. Done.

Options pictured here:
Dress length, split skirt, grommet/ lace up front detail, inset pockets, and my faux layered sleeves

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Want to make your own cording? See my tutorial here.

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Solid fabrics used for bands is from Purple Seamstress Fabrics

See my review and mods for the women’s version of the Renni dress here.  P.S. you can use this mod on the women’s dress too!

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  1. This is the cutest pattern ever!!! i don’t have any lil girls but i’m soooo making this for family & friends who do & maybe someday my own little girl ?

  2. Really pretty dress, also love the tutorial, that would be very helpful for sure. Especially since it’s been a while since I have sewn, but am trying to back into it.

  3. Renni looks like a wonderful dress, have to give it a go soon!
    And what a wonderful giveaway, would love the opportunity to win!

  4. Great blog post. I have this pattern but haven’t got round to making it yet. This post is going to be very helpful

  5. Such a cute dress, and I love A Sparkly Baby patterns! Her directions are so easy to follow, and the clothes are adorable!

  6. Such a cute mod, I bet it would be a great way to do a Renaissance dress too. ASB is my favorite! Sporty Skorty was the first pattern I ever bought, right before I learned to sew. ?

  7. Goodness… this is going to be used for ALL the tops and dresses! Very easy to follow pictures AND instructions for a FANTASTIC new look! Thank you!

  8. This pattern is one of the reasons I wished I had a little girl, but I guess that’s what nieces are for! Super cute!!!

  9. The fabric and the pattern are beautiful . This is perfect for my girls. The detail of your instructions are easy to understand. I am going to explore this site as soon I am done commenting here. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I don’t have any girls to sew for but I am going to use this same method to make layered sleeves for my boys! Thanks!

  11. Oh my gosh! This makes sewing look so easy! I wish I would have seen this when I first started. Looks amazing and thank you for the tutorial

  12. I’ve seen this dress on the ASB page but didn’t realize just how many options there were! Now I need this pattern! And can’t wait for the woman’s version.

  13. That is a super informative tutorial! I have a niece who is just learning sewing and this site is going to be great for her as well. Thanks!

  14. I love this pattern but have no little girl to make it for. 🙁 I actually clicked on the link for the cording tutorial. So Thank you! I’m going to try that on the ASB joggin jammers pattern I got for my son. Yay!

  15. Looks like a really different & fun pattern, and very practical mod! I’d like to try this one sometime. Thanks for the clear instructions!

  16. This dress pattern is ABSOLUTELY adorable and I can’t wait to make on for my little, or order one from some awesome seamstress!

  17. I love how many options this pattern has! Amazing! So very adorable. Can’t wait to make something for our little one.

  18. Hi there. A contest at a sparkly baby sent me here. I hope this is where I’m suppose to comment. This looks amazing and I’ll be sure to check out more

  19. This is a great idea! Sometimes I don’t have enough for the full sleeve and this would work great for my little Nugget that’s always cold. Living in Florida. Roasting in the heat and humidity

  20. This is such a cute dress, I love the division in the front, it makes it look like a cardigan over another dress…. I can’t wait to make something similar for myself…

  21. ha! what a great hack/tutorial! my daughter has been wanting this style sleeve forever (she calls it a two-fer)…thanks for the tips, love the fabric!

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