Removable Bra Pads Tutorial

I love it when store bought bras have the option to take in & out those foam bra cups/ pads.  So, it is only natural that I when I started making my own bras I would add this as an option for myself. I have made a few different bra patterns and this technique will work for any of them. You will need some foam bra pads.

To start you are going to construct the lining front as directed in the pattern.  Your back piece is only cut.  You can leave your edges raw and move on to the next step.  I like a finished edge, so I am going to serge the raw edges.

The next step is to line up the side seam and sew it with a machine stitch- not a serger.  You will be leaving a 1.25″ opening in the middle.  Be sure to back stitch before and after the opening.

Once both sides are sewn, press or pin the hole open.

After you pin/ press it open, simply stitch around it.  It will look like a large button hole.  Your liner now has an opening to slide your foam cups in and out.

Now, you can return to your pattern as directed.

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