Raglan Tank Top Hack

Get ready to have your mind blown!  This hack is probably the easiest modification ever!  How fast this sew ups you ask?  Well, the last one I did was cut and done in 25min.  No joke!

Now for this amazingly simple easy to do tank top hack.

Cut your front and back bodice only.  You are going to make a band for the front and back.  To do this measure your front and back neck line and cut your bands (one for each) 2″ smaller X 2″ wide.

  1. Fold your bands in half- wrong sides together.
  2. Mark the center of each band and front and back bodice pieces.
  3. Match up centers – pin or clip in place.
  4. Sew your bands on stretching to fit.
  5. Top stitch the seam down with a twin needle if desired.

Before we make the arm bands/ straps, sew your side seams.  Now for the strap measurements:

  1. Measure the front and back sleeve sides.
  2. Add 3″ (for a high neck tank or 4″ for a little looser neck line) to the total length.
  3. Cut your bands (you need 2 of them) 2″ wide X your total length with the added 3″.
  4. Sew the short ends together.
  5. Fold in half wrong sides together – pin or clip in place if you’d like.
  6. Pin or clip right sides together along the  edge of the arm holes.
  7. Make sure you match up the side seam with the seam in your band.
  8. You should have 3″ at the top, not pined to the sides.
  9. Sew or serge all the way around, even through the 3″ gap at the top.

Once the straps are on, press or fold the seam over the band.  You will need to top stitch this down, so pinning or pressing helps.  I like to use a twin needle or coverstitch machine if you have one.  A zig zag will do the job too.

After the bands are on, you can go back to the original instructions and finish your new favorite tank top!

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My tank tops are made from upcycled tshirts.  Check out my post Upcycling 101 for basic upcycling info

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    • If you join my facebook group and share a picture I could probably help. I am not 100% sure where the issue is without seeing it. You may need to simply stretch your binding a bit in that area. That will pull it in more and help with “gaping”, if we are on the same page as to what “gaping” is. 🙂

  1. Thank you for this hack! I just did it to a raglan my daughter picked out that was long sleeve. It’s already super hot here and I wanted her to be able to wear it longer!

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