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*BIG NEWS*Ragamuffin Patterns is now offering Ragamuffin FABRIC!

For a long time, I have been searching for the best of the best fabric supplier with high quality fabric and a great price. And, well, the search is over.

I am super excited to offer my favorite fabric picks in a monthly subscription. But before we get into that, I will have a limited number of teaser packs available for purchase so you can see the GREAT quality I’m talking about. I’ve sent out samples to several seamstresses to sew and get feedback from. So far, everyone is in LOVE.

The teaser packs will be available to newsletter subscribers first for 24 hrs, If there’s any left afterwards, I will open the listing to everyone. . Likewise, if you are one of the lucky ones to score a teaser pack, you will also be the first invited to join the monthly fabric subscription. (Space is limited for the time being).

What’s in the teaser pack?
$16 + shipping

2 yards of the softest, most luxurious brushed waffle knit you will ever get your hands on. I have two color options to choose from, camo & dusty rose. I do have a super exclusive option as well, but it very limited, so you’ll have to wait to see it.

What’s in the Kickass Monthly Subscription?

3 yards of hand selected fabric of various bases. This might be 3 continuous yards, or 2 yards plus 1 yard coordinate, delivered to your front door monthly.

You’ll also get an awesome pattern credit to use on any pattern you’d like throughout the month–even new releases. I am always on the look out for cool sewing stuff, so you might get a super cool additional gift from time to time too!

Ragamuffin Fabrics Sewing Challenge

Of course, getting the fabric is only part of the fun. I want to make sure you actually sew it

That’s why in addition to the awesome fabric subscription, there will be a special monthly sewing challenges just for Ragamuffin Fabrics Kickass Subscription or Excusive Cuts makes. We all know how easy it is to buy fabric and let it sit… I am guilty of fabric hoarding and buying without intent. Let this be your incentive to sew your subscription and share it.

Each month, I will hold a random drawing from those who have entered the Ragamuffin Fabrics sewing challenge. That random winner will receive the next month’s subscription FREE! If you are on a monthly or quarterly payment schedule, you will receive a full refund the next month’s subscription. If you are not enrolled in the subscription, you will be sent the next month’s fabric picks absolutely FREE

Subscription enrollment

Subscription enrollment will open the last week in November and will remain open through December 10th. The monthly subscription (for those enrolled) will begin in January. You will be billed monthly, but you can stop or pause your subscription at any time. Once the subscription listing is open, you will see a few options to choose from. You may subscribe to a month-to-month or quarterly.

Month-to-month subscription

Choosing a month-to-month subscription means you are automatically billed each month, and you may pause, stop or upgrade your subscription at any time.

Quarterly subscription

Choosing a quarterly subscription means you will be billed every three months. You’ll receive a discount on your subscription plus and an extra pattern credit to use on any single pattern you’d like. You may pause or stop your subscription at any time, but once your quarterly payment is made, you will continue to be enrolled in your subscription until the end of that quarter or when the next billing cycle begins.

Will there be other fabric for sale?

Each month after the subscriptions are filled and shipped, I will list the fabric extras in 2-yard cuts for anyone to snag. There may or may not be any extra fabric, and if there is it will be limited quantity. I may also have super exclusive cuts available in small quantities that will not be sent out in a subscription.

Those who are in the kickass fabric subscription will be notified first and the  newsletter subscribers second. After that, the listings will be open to everyone

What if I subscribe after December 10?

If you subscribe after December 10th, your subscription will begin in February, but you will be issued a discount coupon to use on any January extras we might have. You will also be notified first when those extras are available for purchase. Each month after the subscriptions are filled and shipped, I will list the fabric extras in 2-yard cuts for anyone to snag. There may or may not be any extra fabric, and if there is it will be limited quantity.

Shipping outside the USA & Canada

Currently I am only shipping to addresses within the USA & Canada, but I know there are a ton of international sewist that would love to get in on the monthly subscription. Unfortunately, shipping cost is too high to include in the pricing and would need to be billed separately. If you are interested in purchasing a monthly subscription and are outside the USA, let me know. I will get the cost of shipping for you so you can decide if it’s worth it. I know from shipping internationally in the past, the more you ship the better the price. Example: filling a large flat rate box works out to a better price than a flat rate mailer.

That said, I have not shipped anything internationally for quite some time, so I will need to do a little more research. If you do want in on the monthly subscription– or want to purchase the extras–comment here and let me know. If you are interested in joining the monthly subscription, please  fill out this form * ONLY IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING*

If you have any question, please feel free to ask in any of my social media groups, email me, or message my new page Ragamuffin Fabrics. My email inbox gets pretty full, so messaging me or asking in the groups is the best way to get an quick answer.


  1. How do I order a teaser pack? Every time I try it brings me back to a enter password page but nothing happens when I enter password?

    • The listing is no long under a password entry. That was for the 24 hr VIP newsletter subscriber only access. Let me know if you still have issues getting to the teaser packs.

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