Ragamuffin Affiliate Program

A new era has begun… What was once only available to a select few, is now available to all!

The Ragamuffin Affiliate Program is now open to anyone who wishes to join. In the past, it was restricted to only pattern testers and a select few sewing bloggers and social media influencers. But after an overwhelming amount of inquiries, I’ve decided to expand the program to everyone.

While making the initial changes to the program, I thought to myself, “How can I make this the BEST affiliate program around?” I mean, it wouldn’t truly be a Ragamuffin Affiliate Program without going above and beyond what is considered “industry standard.”

Giving back is the best way I can say “thank you” to everyone who shares a Ragamuffin creation. To show my gratitude to you, my very valued customer and supporter, I’ve started the commission rate at 8% (on pdf patterns). That’s 3% higher then the average pattern or fabric company offers. I’ve even made it possible to earn as much as 12.5% (on pdf patterns). There are no requirements for signing up for the Ragamuffin Affiliate Program, except the love of sewing and sharing Ragamuffin Patterns & Fabrics.

*It is important to note that the old Affiliate program has been closed. If you had an affiliate account in the past, your old account has been paid and closed. You will need to register again.

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Ragamuffin Affiliate Program Commission Rates:

Basic Affiliate Program
Anyone who signs up for an affiliate account is automatically placed in this category. You don’t need to be a sewing superstar or have a social media account with thousands of followers. If you want to make and share all the Ragamuffin things, then you are more than welcome to open an affiliate account.

Patterns 8%
Fabric 5%
Subscriptions 1%

Team Affiliates
There are a ton of opportunities to be on my tester team. There is only one major requirement—making sure you fill out the tester call form! If you don’t apply, you can’t be picked. I select testers based on space available per size and style. I love to add new testers and truly don’t like to leave anyone out. So, if you apply to test for me, you are very likely to be chosen (as long as I have a spot for you, lol). This bump in commission is my way of saying “thank you” for all your time, hard work, and fabric sacrifices that go along with pattern testing.

Patterns 10%
Fabric 5%
Subscriptions 2%

Kickass Affiliates
Kickass Affiliates aka Ragamuffin Brand Reps are sewists I see going above and beyond during testing and who stand out as active group members. Brand reps are by invite only and have an over-the-top love for my products. They are sewist who are always helpful in my groups, answer questions, give advice, offer encouragement, and always ready and willing to make and share all things Ragamuffin.

Patterns 12.5%
Fabric 8%
Subscriptions 3%

Guidelines for using your affiliate link:

  • You may use your affiliate link in any social media group that allows it, including any Ragamuffin Patterns & Fabrics group, page, or affiliated group across all social media platforms. If you have it, why not use it! If you do use it in one of my groups, I only ask that you DO NOT spam the group.
  • Disclosure: Always state that it is an affiliate link. This is simple to do and only requires adding the phrase “affiliate link.” It cost nothing extra for the potential customer to use your link.
  • Use your own work: Make sure to only use your own photos with your affiliate link. Please do not use any Ragamuffin Patterns listing pictures with your affiliate links. You may use Ragamuffin Patterns cover photos, line drawings, and size charts, as well as any fabric pictures that are not modeled pictures.
  • Free patterns will show a sale but no commission.
  • Affiliate payments are paid through PayPal on the 1st of every month for the previous month’s earnings, unless we are running a promotion, pattern release, or sale. If this is the case, the affiliate payment will go out on the first day the promotion pattern release or sale ends.

After you fill out the registration form it will go through a review process. This is so I can make sure you are placed in the correct affiliate category. Depending on the volume of applications it may take a day or even a week to review, but I will approve your request as soon as I can. Once you are approved for an affiliate account, you will be notified by email.

Got all that? Good. Now let’s go sew, share, and earn some cold, hard moolah!

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