Quick & Easy Lace Shorties

I recently saw a pair of lace shorties on-line, and fell in love with the look of them under shorts.  Then I figured I could make those (they were $35/ pair).  So, I grabbed my favorite go to leggings pattern,  Hot Pants from KB Stitch Designs and went to work.

I love these leggings because they offer a low rise or high rise option, side pockets, and several lengths.  Since I don’t want my lace shorties to be seen around the waist band I went with the low rise options and cut a 2″ wide waistband vs. the suggested waistband width. You will need to tape the pattern together overlapping the seam allowance (since it has 3 separate pieces).

To make the lace bands around the hem I cut my 3″ stretch lace from Whole Sale Sewing Supplies 1″ longer than the bottom hem of my leg opening.  I cut it slightly bigger because the lace doesn’t stretch as much as cotton lycra. After I cut the strip of lace, I serged the ends together.  You can sew if if you’d like, use a zig-zag and be sure to backstitch and sew over it a few times.
To serge the lace seam:

  • Serge the wrong sides together.
  • Don’t cut your serger tail
  • Flip the seam over and serge over the seam and the serger tail.
  • Flip and serge one more time being sure to serge over the original serger tail as well as the second.

Now, your seam is secure and you can add them to the bottom hem of your shorties.
I like to sew this in one step.

  • Fold up and pin the hem.
  • Pin your lace band to your pinned hem and sew with a twin needle or coverstitch.

To add the lace to the band

  • Cut a strip of lace 1.25″ wide by length of your band.
  • Sew raw edges together, just like the leg bands.
  • Fold your fabric waist band over and pin quarters.
  • Add your lace to your folded waistband.
  • Sew your waistband on with right sides together. (the lace being your right side of your band)
  • After your band is on, topstich your lace with a twin needle or coverstitch at the top of your band.

Now you have a sweet little accent item for you summer wardrobe.

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