Pink Zeppelin Fabric & Panel Review

If you have visited my blog before, you can see I am a big fan of Pink Zeppelin Fabric.  I use it all the time, so I thought it was about time I wrote a proper fabric review.

Let me start out by saying Pink Zeppelin Fabrics is a custom fabric company.  They offer unique and original designed fabric, digitally printed on a variety of fabric bases.

  • Cotton lycra- 95/5% cotton lycra, 230-250gsm, 56-58″width of fabric.  This is 4 way stretch, medium weight knit fabric.
  • French Terry- 100% cotton stretch french terry, 270gsm, 56-58″ width of fabric.   This is 4 way stretch, similar to sweat shirt style fabric.
  • Cotton Woven- 100% cotton woven, 110gsm, 54-56″ width of fabric.  This is your standard cotton non stretch fabric.
  • PUL- 100% poly PUL, 160gsm, 53-55″ width of fabric.  PUL is a fabric with a water proof barrier, most commonly used to make cloth diapers.
  • Chiffon- 100% poly Chiffon 80-100gsm, 54-56″ width of fabric.   Light and flowy fabric.
  • Poly Spandex- 88/12% poly spandex, 230-250gsm, 56-58″ width of fabric.  This is perfect for active wear or swim.
  • Minky-100% poly, 230gsm, width of 56-60” width of fabric.  This is ideal for blakets.
  • Bamboo Lycra-95%/5% Bamboo/Lycra, 230-250gsm, 56-58” width of fabric.  This fabric has exceptional drape and is 4 way stretch.
  • Double Brushed Poly 200gsm 56-58″width of fabric.  I think this is my new obsession!  So soft.  It feels great on your skin.  This fabric goes through a 2 step “brushing” process.  Once on each side of the fabric.

Although I love each option the most popular and versatile textile choice is Cotton Lycra.  I use this fabric base for almost all my sewing.  DBP (double brushed poly) and French Terry are my new obsessions and and the poly spandex is always my go to for anything I make in the athletic apparel realm.

Pink Zeppelin also carries fabric panels.  These are most commonly used for shirt.  I have used them for pant, shorts, leggings, or dresses too.  They come in a variety of sizes, my favorite is the adult size panels. Just look at how much fabric you get!  No color blocking necessary with this large panel.  I have here an adult Medium Tunic length bodice front.  See how I have zero problem fitting my pattern piece and placing the graphic exactly where I want it.  In fact, there is so much left over I have the options to use it for other parts of my top:  Neckbands, armbands, back pieces, or just save it for another project later on.

*Panel is pictured on the center fold.  Top, bottom, and sides are all “extra” left overs.

Here is my panel all sewn up.  Makes a pretty sweet tank top!  I used a small piece of my leftover for the back band piece on this tank top.

*Check out my tutorial for this top-  Open Pleat Tank Top Hack to get this style.

Pink Zeppelin runs most of their fabric through preorders.  The turn around time after the preorder “round” closes is roughly 4-10 weeks.  Sometimes it is quicker depending on the time of year.  Preorders are a great way to secure the fabric you want.  Custom fabric is often printed in short runs and with limited quantity available.  Preorder info and updates can be found in their Pink Zeppelin Fabric Facebook group.

If you aren’t into preorders, Pink Zeppelin usually has retail available for large variety of their prints.  Retail can be found on their website Pink Zeppelin Boutique and retail updates in their Pink Zeppelin Fabric Facebook group. That is just another reason I love them so much!  There is never fight to grab retail and I never have to stress about “scoring” fabric I really want.  That to me is super important and top notch customer service.

Last thing.  They offer Fathalfs and layaway!  Fathlaf cuts are 1/2 yard pieces cut length wise.  So if you don’t want a full yard, with PZ you have the option of ordering smaller cuts.

That just about wraps things up for this fabric company review.  I could go on forever on all the great customer service and fantastic admins this company has, but I think you should join the group, place an order, and find out for yourself.  You will not be disappointed!

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Pattern used here: Slim Fit Raglan  from Patterns for Pirates

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  1. I love your hacks!! Hopping over to Pink Zepplin to check out the current pre-order (retail site was down for maintenance). Thanks for the review. 🙂

  2. I love the fun prints of pink Zeppelin. I bought fabric from the munchies round with tacos! Also got some swim with Reese’s peanut butter cups and the Reese’s pieces

  3. As a dietitian who sews, I love the realistic food fabric! Just can’t wear the candy prints to work, lol!

  4. Pink Zeppelin’s fabrics are top notch! And their designs are always a huge hit with everyone in my family from my Deadhead self, to my Lil Monster to my glittery princess and to my metalhead husband. And it is always a pleasure to work with Yvi and her admins when you need help with anything.

  5. I have not had Pink Zeplin fabric in hand yet, But I recently put in an order for some adorable Donuts with coffee print! I can’t wait to get it in hand, Ive heard a lot about the lush, dreamy feel of their fabrics and I need to see this for myself! =-)

  6. Always addicted to Pink Zeppelins bamboo Lycra & learning a new love for the DBP!! Going to do a retro style dress in DBP like the pens you did too ❤️

  7. I am new to sewing clothes and sewing with knits. I love your hacks and PZ’s fabric looks like fun fabric to sew with.

  8. It looks like I’m the one that didn’t comment here. I must have mis-read and just read your blog post and not commented. I really like the 1776 panel and everything you do, Jennifer!

  9. Pink Zeppelin rocks! They offer many textiles and great prints that work for my business and my personal sewing as well ♡

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