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We’ve all seen that gorgeous top with and even more awesome lace applique on the back.  It adds that extra touch of “sexy” to any simple top.  I just love that look.  So, I decided to make several of my own.  This lace applique tutorial will take you through the steps in applying an applique to the back of any shirt or dress you’d like.

I found this awesome black applique and knew I need to figure out a way to use it.


First things First, cut out your fabric according to the pattern.  Then lay your applique on top of the right side of the back piece.  Make sure you center your applique and are happy with the position.


Next, your are going to pin the heck out of it!  Seriously you don’t want this to shift or move, lots of pins….  lots!


After you have pinned it down securely, sew around the edge as close to the main points and curves as possible.  I am using a twin stretch needle here.


After you have sewn around the whole piece, remove the pins, and flip it over.   It should look a lot like this.  Notice I did not sew around the top of the applique.  I am going to leave that alone, so It stays open in the end.


With a fabric marker, draw a 1/2″ border around the inside of your stitch lines.  Now, trim all the inner fabric up to the 1/2″ border you just made.


Now we are going to flip it over to the right side.  Turn the 1/2″ border over on to the already stitch lines and sew over it again.

Once you are finished the “inside” or “wrong side” of your back piece will look like this.


Now, you can return to your pattern as usual and finish your top.  When you get to the neckband, you will not add it across the back.  Instead you will start and stop from shoulder to shoulder.  You can calculate your new neckband measurements by using my neckband 101 tutorial.



Dresses too!

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