Outrage Culture: I refuse to let a couple of loudmouths Shut Me Down!

Social Outrage

After reflecting on the latest “outrage” directed at my business, I have decided not to pull the Good ol’ Boys Pattern. I refuse to let a couple of loudmouths from a so-called “Free Speech” group on Facebook dictate how I run my business and how I name my patterns – they may want to grab a dictionary and look up what the term free speech really means!

There is nothing offensive about the term, “Good ol’ Boys”. The term has been used to represent the western style and a man who is country to the core. A rebellious, but hardworking man, who loves his country, his family, believes in doing good and has strong morals and family values. If that offends you, then you are the one with the problem and these patterns are not for you anyways.

I am truly sorry that some of the vendors participating in our giveaways were harassed by a miserable group of people who have nothing better to do but spend their time bullying others online. Ironically, these people claim to be from a “Free Speech” group, but they are nothing more than bullies who need to find a better way to spend their time.

Unfortunately, a number of vendors have chosen to give in to the loudmouths, and have pulled out of this month’s giveaways. This was supposed to be an exciting month, where I got to give back to my wonderful customers who have helped grow Ragamuffin Patterns into something beyond what I ever imagined. Thank you for taking this ride with me, and I promise to stay strong and be here for each and every one of you with the very best in vintage modern pdf sewing patterns.

Facebook is not the real world, I choose to live in the real world and provide my customers with top-notch patterns and not get stuck in the mud with a bunch of people just looking to start trouble. Again, Thank you to my customers!!!!

In honor of our first amendment and the real definition of “free speech”, for the rest of the month, the Good ol’ Boy Pattern will be 50% off to anyone who uses the coupon code “FREESPEECH”. The full Western collection is on sale 50% off now – 11.10 – No code needed.

Thank you again to my awesome customers, testers, and everyone who sent me private messages of encouragement!


I’m not going to make to many more statements on what happened; it was never my intention to get political or turn my business into anything but a fun place for people to learn about sewing and be able to download my patterns.

That being said, I would like to thank all of the awesome people who have come out to show their support for Little Ragamuffin and myself.

  • Thank you to all the awesome testers who have come to my defense!
  • Thank you to all of my wonderful customers who have come to my defense!
  • Thank you to everyone in the knitting community who have come to my page and sent me private messages of encouragement.
  • Thank you to Unsafe Space for your kind words, for doing the podcast on the situation, and for helping fight back against the cancel culture bullies! I have embedded a video of their podcast below – It gives a great overview of what happened, and it gives you a good idea of what we are all up against.


  1. I am one of the knitting community that has been subjected to this type of bullying behavior on numerous occasions; it was disappointing to see it is spreading to other crafts/hobbies. I purchased your pattern because a: it’s a great-looking shirt and b: we need to support those who refuse to let hatred and evil win. I wish you continued success.

  2. I’m thankful for the continued opportunity to test patterns for you and be a vendor in Lil’ Ragamuffin’s General Store. Your patterns are amazing and your customer care and service are superb! Thanks for all you do, AND for not backing down to the bullies.

  3. I was linked to one of your pattern bundles and was about to buy when I noticed this post. I will not be supporting a business that promotes racism, such as yours.

    • I feel very similar to V. No matter what was said, the response by Jennifer (Littleragamuffin) is one that will make me not shop here. Rather than listen and try to understand why someone might be upset – she blames the person for speaking out. Perhaps understanding and apologizing for unintended hurt would be more appropriate. Obviously she doesn’t care who she hurts and calls those people (who you obviously she has no empathy for) bullies for exercising their right to boycott her shop. She has got the right to speak and say whatever offensive thing she feels (barring promoting violent hate speech), as she did plenty of in her post, but it probably isn’t a good business practice. It is obvious to me by her post that she has no idea what racism is in the US and has no intention of reaching out or trying to understand.

  4. To me, Southerner, I couldn’t even figure out what was offensive. To me a “good ole boy” means a country guy who has been a friend to you and done good things for his family and friends, black and white. The South is not what it once was long ago. Yes we still have bad things happen just like everywhere in this world but it was changing here before all this racism stuff. Now we all watch what we say and do. Praying it will change.

  5. Being called out for racism isn’t “bullying.” Problematic behavior should be called to attention so consumers can be informed and not support a person or business with harmful views. Stop playing the victim

  6. I’m a “Good Ol’ Girl” and I actually FOUND your company due to the dumbasses on Facebook!! Glad they helped me find your awesome store. Oh, and I’m also married to a cop. I guess that means that I have a target painted on my back…..that’s because they are cowards and come at you from behind, as well as the anonymous world of the internet. Oh, well…..

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