No fun for you! Killjoys strike again.

The Facebook fun police strike again, ruining another month long celebration full of fun prizes and contests.

Over the last few days, this small but loud group of bitter women have rampaged through the Facebook sewing community in an attempt to destroy my business. I was one of several sponsors for a 5,000 member celebration giveaway for a sew along & contests group. This was going to be a really fun month for them full of sewing activities and giveaways. This is a group that is centered around the FUN and JOY of sewing. It is not a business, the admins aren’t paid. In fact everyone that runs this group is a volunteer! And now they have pulled all prizes and been forced to ARCHIVE the group!

This group—not business —was targeted for having me as a sponsor. This hateful mob that can’t stand anyone being happy or successful have reached out to all the other sponsors and demanded that they pull out of the giveaway because my company is also a sponsor. Newsflash, the sponsors don’t get to pick who the other sponsors are.

When presented ALL the facts the sew along group admin team (100% volunteers) made the decision to keep me as a sponsor. After making the announcement, some of the other sponsors pulled out, but several more stepped in to fill the void. As the day went on, the other companies who agreed to sponsor this month’s giveaways were getting harassed. Their testers were targeted as well. This is a cowardly and calculated move, with only malicious intent in mind. It is nothing more than bullying and terrorizing innocent individuals. 

This group of killjoys that think they can ruin my business and create a hostile environment for anyone remotely associated with me is doing exactly what they claim to be against. They are not for “inclusion” or “progress”. What they want is for everyone to agree to their worldview and opinions. They are lead by emotional jargon, instead of fact based decisions. These women are not trying to bring about change but are simply looking for everyone to submit or quit. 

The ring leaders to these attacks (not just directed at me) can be found plotting and planning in a “secrete” Facebook group, Free Speech: Fabric and Pattern edition. There is nothing Free Speech or ‘inclusive’ about this ‘members only’ style club. In this group the members focus on a target, instantly remove them from the group if they are in it, and proceed to fabricate an outrage to which the unsuspecting business (or person) is unaware. Then they conspire to create strategic plans of attack. They usually start with what seems to be an “in good faith” question or comment usually racially based. But it is not an innocent question or comment. It is fully intended to stir up trouble and provoke emotion within the group “target businesses” members.

Most people shutter at being called racist. It is a really disgusting term used to describe the most slimy and horrific ideology. Most rational people would agree that racists are the scum of the earth, and this is why businesses and individuals break down and apologize for actions ‘perceived’ as being racist. This is a fear tactic used when there is no other bases for getting their demands met. So, which is worse – being accused of being racist, or using a despicable term to label someone as racist in order to get your way. Throwing this vile term around like it’s nothing diminishes the meaning and therefore diminishes the impact of a truly racist act.

There is something very wrong when you lump a whole group of people in by race and claim them all to have the same life experience. No one has the same life experience as another, regardless of the color of their skin or where they come from. This fictitious idea that I create a hostile environment for sewists of color is complete bullshit. I have never once discriminated against anyone for anything they cannot control. (You cannot control what skin your are born with). I give each person the same respect and do not assume or make a judgement about them, until they have given me a reason to do otherwise. We are all created equal.

I believe each person to be an individual, not just part of a collective group. Your worth is not which boxes you check, but in your daily works and how you treat others. Lead with love and honesty and your life will be full of joy and happiness. 

This small group of loudmouths thinks they can take my joy away. They think they can take my business away. They think they can destroy my character and slander my name, but they can’t. They cannot accomplish this no matter how hard they push because my joy and my business and my character are not mine to lose. All of it belongs to the Lord.

I don’t wake up and worry about pleasing a specific group of people. I don’t start my day wondering if what I will do will offend someone. And I certainly don’t think about what this world thinks of me. I make my choices based on what God would think about me, and I do my very best everyday to be the best example I can be for others, so that they might be inspired to choose truth over lies. I am blessed each day to wake up and continue to do well for Him. 

I promised this group 5 patterns that they could give away as they see fit, and I intend to keep my promise.To enter the giveaway, please fill out this form: I support joy and love to have fun giveaway. I will be giving away 5 FREE patterns right here, since I’m not ALLOWED to GIVE BACK to my fellow sewists in their group. I will do it right here. 

One entry per person please. Multiple entries will be disqualified. I will pick 5 winners at random using the wheel of names random name generator. This giveaway will close on Wednesday, July 15th.-
This giveaway has ended

and the winners are…..

If you aren’t sure about me or my history with this small group (it is literally the same few people starting trouble in every Facebook sewing group), then please take the time to check out these links.

Originally, I was attacked and labeled a racist for the name of one of my patterns (Good ol’ Boy). This was my response:

The follow up to that:

And an interview I did 3 months later:

I talk about this specific event here with Peter Feliciano from the Conservatish podcast

I talked with Minnesota Black Robe Regiment about my cancel culture story and so much more.


In the Conservatish interview I reference a 7minute hate video that was made in the original (now archived) Free Speech: Patterns & Fabrics edition. I was unaware of this Facebook live video until around September 2020, almost a full year after it was originally made which resulted in my business and myself personally being labeled “Racist” and continually harassed, slandered, and defamed. After over a 18 months of continued harassment I have decided to share the video publicly. The only edits I made to the video are ones to hid the identify of the individual responsible for making it. I have also included a plethora of screen shots collected over the last 18 months that correlate directly with the “how-to cancel” instructions given in the video.
^^ This video has been taken down due to a “copyright claim” by the creator. She made the video and many people sent it to me. I had it in my possession for almost 8 months before even thinking about sharing it. When I did decide to share it I wanted to keep the creator’s identity private so there would not be any backlash on her or the companies she works for.

Why do this for a person who took the time to create such a slanderous video about me and my business?
Because, I don’t believe in doxing or movements to cancel someone and I didn’t want that to happen to her. Yet, she has gone and made a copyright claim on the video, so now her identity is public information by her own doing.

Also available on Rumble– I prefer Odysee to Rumble, so go watch the video there and give me a quick follow.

Despite being harassed almost daily by psychotic cancel culture mobs, I’ve continued to grow a successful business. I do not see myself as a victim and do not wish to be treated as such. It is an unfortunate situation, but it has made me stronger, more confidant, and a desire to work even harder to over come the insane narrative set forth about me and my business by other business owners and “professionals” who could be considered competition in my field.

Creating and maintaining a thriving business despite all the negativity is something I have grown to appreciate rather than dwell on. I am in no way saying I love it, because that would be weird. I can’t change it, but I can allow it to strengthen me. Haters = Motivators.

The coordinated effort to “cancel” or excommunicate me from the online sewing community, to stunt the growth of my grown fan base and ruin my business are the efforts put forth by a select few of prominent sewist and business owners. Their overall goal, to cause financial harm to my business, ending with me closing Little Ragamuffin and leaving the online sewing community. Although, they have purposefully tried to impede my ability to grow and maintain a business with their constant attacks of slander, defamation, and trade libel (Being blocked and banned from protenant promotional Facebook groups, false accusations all kinds of things including but not limited to: Bad pattern drafting/ fit, IP theft, Racist, Misogynistic, transphobic, and sexist behavior ) I will not release names of people or businesses that are complicit in the ongoing harassment I’ve received over the last few years.

I truly believe people can change. In the event they see the error in their ways, I do not want to be a reason they are branded this or that. Being labeled (as I have) in a negative way is something most people or businesses will not recover from, and I do not wish to be the one that applies a negative label on them. If the apostle Paul can go from killing and persecuting Christians to being the greatest defender of Christ, then I believe anyone in this world is capable of such a radical change. And I honestly hope they do.

I believe I am entitled to (but probably will not receive) a public apology to my customer, pattern testers, affiliates, and anyone else that has been verbally abused by these cowardly people who have harassed and terrorized them simply for being associated with me or having the gal to recommend one of my amazing patterns. The screen shots I’ve shared below don’t even begin to show the how magnitude of harassment put towards my business. Many of these people are other pattern designers and fabric shops. This is an attempt to push my business out of the pdf sewing world. These business owners should know their actions are considered “Trade Libel” & “Commercial Defamation” and could result in legal action.

“While defamation can be applied to public figures as well as private, it doesn’t always target a person. Defamation against a business, or against an individual in a business setting, is known as commercial defamation”

Trade DEFAMATION is a close relative of false advertising. The law of false advertising regulates inaccurate representations that tend to mislead or deceive the public. The law of trade defamation regulates communications that tend to lower the reputation of a business in the eyes of the community. Trade defamation is divided into two categories: LIBEL AND SLANDER.

Trade libel generally refers to written communications that tend to bring a business into disrepute, whereas trade slander refers to defamatory oral communications. Before a business may be held liable under either category of trade defamation, the FIRST AMENDMENT requires proof that a defamatory statement was published with “actual malice,” which the Supreme Court defines as any representation that is made with knowledge of its falsity or in reckless disregard of its truth (NEW YORK TIMES V. SULLIVAN, 376 U.S. 254, 84 S. Ct. 710, 11 L. Ed. 2d 686 [1964]). The actual malice standard places some burden on businesses to verify, prior to publication, the veracity of any attacks they level against competitors in print or electronic media.

Why does this matter?
Well, it seems to me that these businesses (and the people who admin their groups, test, promote, or work for them) would have plenty of motive to remove me from the scene. My business was growing exponentially and they were most likely in fear of losing customers. From the conversations I have seen (some shown below) I have no doubt there was (and is) a coordinated effort between a few somewhat prominent pdf pattern and /or fabric companies to stunt the growth of my business.

I know eventually this will find itself floating around the “Free Speech” circles and for those of you involved in harassing and terrorizing my business, I want you to know I will be here when you are ready to extend an honest apology and show genuine regret for treating incent people the way you have. Most of these interaction are not towards me personally and I am not involved in any way. I also know these are only the conversations that were given to me and many many more happen daily that I am unaware of. I do have several emails and messages from individuals who have been pushed to give up sewing and have even contemplated suicide from these vicious and heartless maniacs.

Sewing is a hobby. It is something that should bring joy and happiness. It’s just a sewing pattern. It’s just a small business. Let that sink in.


  1. SJW strikes again – a very sad reality that is robbing EVERYONE of the joy of life – regardless of race or creed. I am SO SORRY that you have been so viscously attacked yet again. And Kudos to you for standing up for right and truth again!!!

    • Thank you for seeing these events for what they truly are. This wasn’t meant to be about me. I couldn’t care less about them or their opinion of me. What is bothersome is that they think they can shut down a fun and joyful group & their month long event, effectively ruining it for the 5,000 members of that group. It is pretty simple, if you don’t want my prize, you don’t have to participate in that specific giveaway. If there is less participation for my event then they would have me back as a sponsor. The free market works great like that.

  2. So sorry. I have and will continue to support you! SO many groups have been targeted and extorted. Yes, extorted. Demands for donations and more that simply aren’t right no matter who or what one thinks is “their right.” Business is just that and it falls to the owner to set the standards. This is another example of the tail wagging the dog and it can’t continue! Wishing you the best yet to come! Stay well!

  3. I’m just seeing this but this makes me love you even more! Not very many people are willing to stand up to the racist mob of hooligans (and yes they are racists despite their flawed logic that they can’t be ?) so I applaud you, sincerely, for that. Furthermore, I laud you for openly declaring Christ!!

    • Thank you so much! I will always stand up for Truth and that means standing up for Christ. <3 Thank you for being so supportive and all your kind words.

  4. When I followed you link to fill out ( suport Joy ect. It says your no longer taking applications) just wanted you to know in case it’s wrong. GOD speed girl. Keep your chin up ♡

    • Thank you for your kind words. The giveaway is over. It ran in July. However, there is a secret Santa giveaway going on now. You can find the info on my social media pages: Facebook, MeWe, Instagram

      Thanks again for the support!

  5. Darn it! I was just about to order 3 patterns from your site when I saw this. Sadly you have made it clear by the language of this posting and another one on social media options that I am the embodiment of all you disdain, i like you patterns and I hope you can find a way to unravel your business from your world views so all potential customers feel welcome and not just those who think like you do,

    • Hi Audrey,
      I do not hold disdain for anyone, no matter how they feel about me or my business. You are free to buy from me or not, that’s your choice, and I applaud you for exercising your right to choose. I am all for leaving the sewing community and craft to just that, sewing. However, when situations such as this arise, I will not sit by and do nothing. This was a fun group with the sole purpose of spreading joy through a shared hobby. This group brought people together, but has been closed due to ‘others’ pushing their world view. I stand by the language you read in this post and possibly others I have made and will probably have to continue to make.

      The message here is that we are all 100% individual and unique from one another. I do not believe just because someone is born a certain way they will think and act like another human being that was born with a similar appearance. That would be extremely bigoted. I am very welcoming to people of all backgrounds, and treat people on an individual bases. I’m sorry that seems to offends you, but I hope one day you’ll be able to see people for who they are rather than what they appear to be on the outside.

      Thank you for your comment. I do appreciate the feedback and wish you all the best in your sewing endeavors.

  6. See, as an atheist with very progressive political views, I don’t really see the problem. I don’t have to agree with your beliefs to enjoy your patterns. I’ve never seen any kind of public interaction by you that has made me feel that I needed to separate myself from your company. You always seem to handle yourself with customer service as your primary driving factor. That speaks volumes to me. That is not to say that I wouldn’t walk away if I found you doing something truly awful to others. But I haven’t seen any evidence of that in your publicly facing accounts.

    We are all different, and there are certainly some lines in the sand that are worth changing my buying choices. So far, you haven’t crossed that line 🙂

  7. This cancel culture call everyone a racist mentality is really starting to piss me off! I am so sick of the left always inserting their rude and inflammatory comments! I tried to stick up for you in my sewing group on FB telling them to just stop with the never ending bitching about everyone is racist even though I know nothing about them mentality. Unfortunately getting through to stupid people is impossible. Keep up the good work and never bow to outrage mob.

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