Making that sweet lace bralette

While designing the Badass Bralette I didn’t really think of it as a “sexy lace bra”. It was more of a cute comfortable bralette that spawned from the cami dress (also included in the pattern). Although the cami came along first, I have to say, the bralette has become one of my favorite style options this pattern has to offer. I have many more planned and a stack of lace ready to be sewn up into some beautiful and sexy bralettes.

The modification needed to create this style bralette only takes few extra steps and is super easy.

First, select your lace. You’ll need stretch lace with a width of at least 8″. Depending on your cup size you may be able to use something with a smaller width. Just remember the width you choose will also be how long your bralette will be.

Cut your bra cups (inner and outer sets) with your base fabric. This should be a solid color, close to your skin tone or complimentary to the lace you’ll be using. You are looking for a subtle layer behind the lace, you don’t want it competing for attention. Your lace is the star of the show.

You’ll need to cut a 3rd set of cups from your lace. Place the pattern pieces with the “Top” label along the pretty edge of your lace. This will preserve the beautiful scalloped edge of the lace. Cut the back before your front under bust. This way you can match up the cups and under bust pieces to match the back . Since your lace is probably longer than the pattern pieces, you will need to pay attention to where thing line up.

Construct the bralette as directed in the tutorial leaving the  tops of the lace cups unsewn. They will only be top stitched to the straps and center seam. The other modification will be to leave the top of the back and around the bottom unhemmed. Depending on how much stretch your lace has you may want to add 1 or 2 pieces of 1/4″ elastic to the back before sewing it into the rest of the bralette.

That’s it. Those are the only extra things you’ll need to do to create a sweet lace bralette of your own. Don’t forget to grab your pattern while it’s on sale now- Sunday, Jan. 13, 2019 & share your Ragamuffin Patterns creations in the facebook group and use the hastag #RagamuffinPatterns on Instagram ( @lil_ragamuffn – tags are always welcome)

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