Make Your Mark Go Tagless

Let’s talk about clothing tags/labels.  I’m not a fan.  I don’t like them in my clothes, and I don’t like to sew them into my awesome, one of a kind creations either.  In fact, when I do sew them in, I know my customers (or kids) are going to do what:  CUT. THEM. OUT.  Why?  Because, they don’t like them either.  They are itchy, scratchy, and not made for comfort.  Storing and organizing them is insane too.  So many different sizes and label types to keep track of.  Keeping your inventory up, running out and reordering, it is just a hassle all the way around.

However, they are completely necessary.  They are very useful for kids (and adults) to put their shirts (and pants aka Leggings) on the right way.  They help with laundry care and if you are a compliant sewing business, you know you have to have them. They also let us know where our awesome custom stuff came from.  So, what are we to do.  Can’t live with ’em.  Can’t live without ’em.  Unless there was another way.

I want to introduce you to my clothing label stamp.  This has to be the best thing I have ever added to my sewing arsenal.   With one tap on the ink pad and press into my fabric I get beautiful clothing labels- without the tags!

I found mine at  They offer a variety of clothing label stamps and ink colors, perfect for every sewing project. I have both black and white (new canvas) ink for my custom made, laser engraved stamp, and I could not love it more.  The detail is amazing.  My logo has a distressed style and they were able to pick up all the little design elements.  I tested my stamp on knit fabric from purple seamstress (most of my projects use their fabrics, so I have lots on hand) and it shows up nicely on every colorway. 

A few things to note for best results:

  • Be sure your stamp is covered well with ink
  • Press firmly straight down and lift up for a clean impression
  • Always clean stamp when finished.  To do this simply stamp out excess ink until stamp pad is clean.  (A small toothbrush may be used to clean after a lot of stamping)
  • Be sure to heat press (using an iron) for about 5-10 seconds after ink dries.  ( Ink dries just about immediately)
  • If you are using fabric you can’t iron or heat press- like swim-  Put the item in the dryer for a “hot” 20 min cycle.  It works just the same.  I like to do this for large batches of regular stuff too.  It saves time 🙂
  • Keep your ink pad covered when not in used, to prevent drying out.

That is it.  Super fast and beautiful. No wonder all the big box tshirt companies went tagless years ago!  Now, you can too.  If you click over to now, they are having a 15% off sale. No code needed.  Applies at checkout. 
Tell them Little Ragamuffin sent you.




To add a size I used to use laundry pens.   I like these vs fabric markers, because they come in ball point and fine tip which makes it easier to write in small spaces with no bleeding. I have white fabric markers too, since the laundry pens only come in black.  Cal Stamps does have size stamps, which I  totally went back and ordered.  I love these so much more than the pens, but if you can’t get the size stamps, laundry pens will work just fine.



This little stamp is great for businesses, but every sewist should have one.  You can put just about anything on these, not just business logos and care instructions. Moms you will love them too! Just think of all the possibilities.

  • Made with Love
    This item was made by me for you with love in every stitch.  Enjoy!
  • Mommy made
    The best things in life are made by Mom
  • Sally’s Custom Wardrobe
    Sally’s custom clothes made by her personal stylist, Mom.


P.S. has been around since 1892 and does more than make awesome stamps!  They do all kinds of custom printing.
Check out my sweet mouse pad.

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  1. This was the best post ever! Took the plunge because as you said, they were on sale. Less than 1 week I had it in my hands. I was SHOCKED. The quality is amazing and I’m so glad I did this.

  2. Do you have generic samples to choose from? I am in need of a stamp to personalize my sewing garments and gifts. I want simple and clean stating such as ‘Mary made… with love for you.

  3. Hi there, I ordered one to do, but my ink fades after wash. Do you pre-wash your shirts to ensure no fading occurs or have encountered this issue before?

    • I have been using the stamp set for years and even my earliest items are still looking good. Make sure you are saturating the stamp and using a hot iron to set the ink before washing.

  4. After reading this I went ahead and made a big order. I’m bummed out because I’m not getting the same results as your pictures. They only sent me one out of 2 inks. No documentation was included in the box, and no use or care instructions were provided.

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