How to make a fabric bow

How to make a fabric bow

You can make a bow from just about any type of material and any size you’d like.  I have some cute polka dot knit scraps I am using today.  To determine how big you want your bow, measure the area where you will be putting it/ using it.  You will want to measure vertical and horizontal.
I want my finished bow to be approximately 6″x 4″, so I am going to cut a large rectangle 6″ and double the height. 6″ x 8″ ( you will be folding this in half).  Next, you will need another piece to wrap the middle of your bow.  I cut a 2″ x5″ piece, you can go smaller if your bow is smaller, or bigger if your bow is bigger.


Grab your FREE bow template here.


Fold over the main bow so the shorter sides are at the top, and fold over the bow center, so the long side is at the top.  You are going to sew these ends together.  For the main bow place two pins or mark the center 1″.  This will be your opening for later.  Don’t sew this closed.   Remember to backstitch when you stop/ start at the opening


Here I have sewn these sides closed, but left that small opening in the large piece.


Now, we are going to refold our main bow piece so that the opening we left is in the center of the whole bow.   Basically just recenter your seam, so that it is in the middle of the bow and you have two folds now.  Once you do that you will sew the sides closed.


Sew down the sides and open the seam flat when you get to it.   The green line is where I am sewing, the red line is my middle seam I have already sewn, and the blue circle is  where my opening is.  Remember to backstitch.
Do this on both sides.


Now, your bow looks like this.


You now need to turn the bow right side out.  Using that center opening, pull the right side of the bow out.  Make sure you have nice clean sharp corners.


Flip the main bow over so it is now right side up. Grab your bow center and turn it right side out.  You can do this with a safety pin or turning tool.


Fold up your bow evenly into the center opening.  Now, with the right sides together, wrap your bow center around your bow.


Sew your bow center.  I like to backstich a few times to secure it.


After you have sewn your bow center trim the extra ends, and flip the bow center over so the seam is hidden.


Here is your bow, all done and perfect. You can attach it anything now.  You can use the neckband from my Trailblazer kids tie  and make this into an awesome bow tie.  Hot glue it to a headband or hair clip for that instant hair accessory.  Hand stitch it to a dress for a cute accent.   See the possibilities are endless.



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