Little Ragamuffin’s 1st Annual Upcycling Challenge

This challenge has ended. Scroll to the bottom to see who won and check out all the wonderful work from our participants.

The Upcycling Challenge is here! Get ready to cut up, deconstruct, repurpose & refashion something old (or store bought) into a new stunning wardrobe favorite for your chance to win some amazing prizes.

I choose April for this one for a few reasons:

  • 1) I was really exited for this one and wanted to put it on the sewing challenge calendar as soon as possible.
  • 2) It’s April, so Earth day and reduce, reuse, recycle… repurposing old stuff works out well.
  • 3) Spring cleaning leads to clearing out old clothes and trips to the thrift store- well at least in my house it does. So, I felt it was a great time to dig out those old concert & graphic tees and sew some new life into them.

A few things to note before you get started

You MUST use a Ragamuffin Pattern for your upcycled creation. Using Ragamuffin Fabric is optional, but will earn you an extra entry into the giveaway. This challenge is open to anything style upcycling you’d like. Meaning it doesn’t have to be the traditional upcycled graphic tee. You could totally use elements of a tshirt, like just the graphic, or a cute dress that’s been sitting in the back of your closet forever to repurpose into something totally new.

Graphic tees are my absolute biggest addition. They are the thing that I cannot resist when I see one I love. Walmart, Target, your local thrift shop, and the back of the bottom drawer of your hubby’s dresser are great places to score some kickass graphic tees begging to be refashioned into something totally amazing.

There is no limit to this challenge except you and your creativity. You can make this challenge as intricate or basic as you wish. You may choose any style you’d like and any fabric you’d like. My shop is full of great options but there is no requirement to use Ragamuffin Fabrics for this challenge.

If you are looking to get inspired for this challenge, look no further than my blog, upcycling 101 & over on my YouTube channel:

I used the Cherry Bomb! for this one and it was perfection.
This video is more about my obsession with graphic tees, then it is sewing… LOL
But there’s some great links to some amazing shirt designs in the video description
This is one of my favorite makes EVER! I used the Bombshell pattern here for a super fun spin on your basic upcycled shirt.
This video features two different upcycles. One using the Honky Tonk Angel and the other was made using the Rebel Raglan.

How to submit your “Upcycling Challenge” entry

  • Upload to the album in my Facebook group
  • Upload to the album in my MeWe group
  • Tag me on Instagram
  • Email me, your photo entry. Please put “Upcycling Challenge” in the subject line.

*The Facebook and MeWe albums will be available Tuesday April 5, 2022

Two winners will be selected from all the entries. One will be picked at random using the wheel of names a random name picker, and the other winner will be voted on by our Ragamuffin community. I will upload all the photo entries into a google form where it will be shared on social media, as well as sent out in our newsletter for voting.

What could you win?

Both winners will receive:

  • A super awesome prize pack from my Edna prize box (I have a ton of hard to find Edna Mode collectables ready to find a new home)
  • 3 yard mystery fabric pack
  • $50 shop credit to use as they wish on anything they wish (not valid for shipping expense)

Voting rules & guidelines

  • One vote per person
  • Please refrain from voter fraud (keep all voting to our online sewing community only)
    illegitimate/ fake votes may result in disqualification
  • You may share your work anywhere it’s allowed in order to gain more votes, but please
    keep all sharing to the online sewing community only– example: sharing in a yard sale group to ask for votes is no bueno
  • You may NOT vote for yourself

All entries must be submitted before 11:59pm PST on Tuesday, April 26, 2022. Voting will begin Wednesday April 27, 2022. The winners will be announced May 1, 2022.

Here we go… This is the challenge you’ve been waiting for. Well, at least I’ve been really looking forward to this one🤣 I cannot wait to see what you come up with!

Thank you to everyone who participated. You all did an amazing job!

We have a winner for the Upcycling Challenge!
Congratulations to Callie Hone, Darlin’ Cardi Upcycle, for taking a whopping 47.8% of the votes. Well done lady! You definitely deserve it. The winner of our random drawing for participation is Ashley Haley, Honky Tonk Angel Upcycle & HTA cold shoulder upcycle. Both of you have just scored an Edna surprise, 3 yards of fabric, & a $50 shop credit!

Thank you to everyone participated.
These challenges are my favorite part of running Little Ragamuffin. I just absolutely love seeing the beautiful things you all create. To show my gratitude I’m giving everyone who participated in this challenge a $20 shop credit– YAY!

A huge thank you to everyone who voted.
I put all your names in the wheel of names, random name generator, and since there was such a huge turn out to vote I pulled two winners instead of one! Congrats to Suzi Nasoor & Crista Alvarez, you both won $10 shop credit & 1 FREE yard of fabric, USA shipping included ($5.50).

But I’m not done yet!
I have one more surprise for everyone who participated in voting. I’d like to award each and everyone of you a $10 shop credit to use on whatever product(s) you’d like.

Claim your winnings!
To claim your prizes please email me, with the subject “I won something awesome for you” or message me on Social Media (Facebook or Instagram). If you have own fabric, I will need your shipping address and wish list so please include that as well.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in this sewing challenge weather it was sewing something awesome or simply voting for your favorite. You are the one’s who make these challenges worth while. Well done!

Pick the next Sewing Challenge Theme

VOTE for Little Ragamuffin’s next sewing challenge theme

The next Sewing Challenge will run from June 1- 27, voting June 28-30, and I want to know what YOU want will inspire you to participate in the next challenge.

Please vote for your favorite theme or get creative and write something in. I am totally open to suggestions. If I like it I will add it to the form for others to potentially vote on.

When you vote, you will be entered in a drawing to win $10 shop credit & 1 FREE yard of fabric, USA shipping included! If you submit a write in vote that makes it to the form and WINS you will win a super secrete special prize.

All votes must be submitted before 11:59pm PST on May 20, 2022. The winning theme & random drawing winner will be announced May 21, 2022.

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