It’s Chillaxin’ Time!

Chillaxin’ (ch’ill-lacks-in)
verb (slang) The ultimate state of relaxation while having a chill attitude with no worries or stress.

I’ve finally made a pants pattern! After being hounded for about a year from some very persistent testers and Ragamuffin Pattern groupies, I give you the the first of several Chillaxin’ Collection patterns, the Chillaxin’ Loungers! These lounge pants are like no other sewing pattern because ,like all my patterns, this one is LOADED with style options and variation you just won’t get from a single pattern anywhere else.

Watch me show off just a few of the styles you can create with the Chillaxin’ Loungers pdf sewing pattern.

I know right?!
Amazing! Seriously awesome! Off the charts incredible!

With the variety of style options the Chillaxin’ Loungers offers, I guarantee you will find the perfect pants to fits your chillaxin’ life style. And you will never get board coming up with new style variations.

Whether you prefer a quiet night in loungin’ on the couch or a rowdy evening out dancin’ the night away, this pattern has it all!
Tapered leg * Straight leg* Wide leg
Shortie Shorts * Shorts * Knee length *Capri * Ankle* Floor length
Low rise* High rise* Basic waistband* Yoga band* Contoured waistband
Basic hem* Banded hem* elastic casing * Optional trouser style angled pocket! However, I do feel pockets are mandatory and not optional. And if anyone tells you anything different, they are lying to you, and you can’t trust them. 😉

The Chillaxin’ Loungers will be on sale May 4 – 17 for only $5! In addition to the pattern release, you can use the coupon code “Chillax” and receive 30% off the rest of the pattern shop.

But wait… there’s more!
The lil’ Loungers (kids size) are on their way and should be available soon! Make sure you join me in my Facebook group and follow me on Instagram to stay up to date on all things Ragamuffin and share your creations.


    • Thank you so much! I can’t wait to see what you create. Please share it with us either on facebook or instagram. <3

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