Hey, look! I’m a YouTube superstar.

I’ve had my YouTube channel for a while, but never really did much with it. In the past, I used it to host tutorial videos I would link to in my pattern tutorials. Lately, I have been having a whole lot of fun making my “Learn to Sew” playlist and other various short films I call “Oddities”.

If you didn’t know I had a YouTube channel, well, now you do. If you knew I had one, but forgot, here’s your reminder. In any case, make sure you go like, share, comment, and subscribe to my videos and channel. 

Learn to Sew Basics: Ragamuffin Patterns learn to sew basics videos walk you through different sewing techniques at a slow pace perfect for sewing newbies and first timers. The instructions are spoken in a conversational manner and not full of hard to follow sewing terminology.

Quickies – Sewin’ fast and hard: The quickie videos are a quick step how to series. The footage is sped up for a fast pace view of the different sewing technique. If you prefer a slower more instruction style video, please see my Learn to Sew Basics playlist.

Other Oddities: Ahh! Yes, the oddities–they are exactly that! Short little videos I make to amuse myself. Some are directly related to sewing, and some are loosely related to sewing. It’s a bunch of nonsense, really, but always aimed at having fun and always a good time!

Make sure you subscribe, so you can be the first to know when I upload new kick ass sewing videos or other oddities. Enjoy!

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