Hackin’ the Chillaxin’

If you have ever wondered why my patterns have a zillion style variations, it’s because “Why not?” Seriously, why limit a pattern by only including 1-2 style options when it is so easy to give you more?! Even with all the styles I offer, we never seem to get through a pattern test without adding one or two EXTRA styles. For the Loungers, which I swore would be a very basic pattern, I ended up with 3 width, 6 length, 3 waistband, and 3 hem styles. But that just wasn’t enough for Lindsay Fry! She has made the most beautiful and easy to do pattern mods for the Chillaxin’ Loungers. She’s also agreed to do share them with all y’all here in her first (hopefully there will be many more) Ragamuffin Patterns guest blog/ pattern hack!

Without any more yammering from me, here’s Lindsay and her truly awesome pattern modifications to the Chillaxin’ Loungers (or lil’ loungers if you’d like, but you will need to make a few adjustments yourself).

Side Slit Genie Hack

Cut out all the pattern pieces, including the pant cuffs.

Sew your front and back pieces together at the inseam. This is the inner part of the pant leg that face each other.

With your pant leg right sides together, line up the side seam. With a serger or regular machine, using the seam allowance in the pattern, sew down from the top 7 inches or wherever you have it marked. I measured down 7 inches from the top because that is how much of my side I wanted to keep covered. This might be different for you. It is 100% a personal preference. Remember to back stitch at the bottom! Repeat with the other leg.

Overlap the bottom edge of the pant leg 1/2″. You can tack it in place with a baste/ stay stitch or simply pin/clip it to keep it from moving.

Line up clips on cuff and pant leg. Sew cuff to pant leg, being careful when stretching so the overlap does not come apart. If you tacked the overlap, you won’t have a problem.

Now you can finish the pants as in the tutorial by sewing the pant legs together and sewing your waistband on.

Side Slit Genie Hack by Lindsay Fry

Ruched Hem Tie Mod

You will cut all of your pieces except for cuffs. You will also cut 4 strips of scrap knit approximately 18”x 1”. Pull on the strips to create a tube rope like tie piece.

Lay the front on top of the back. Line up the bottom edges at the hem. Sew the side seam, and then measure 10 inches up from the bottom. Mark with a clip or pin.

The seam allowance here will now be 1 inch wide. Sew up to where you marked it at 10 inches. Return to the patterns recommended seam allowance after the 10″ seam allowance you just marked.

Open up seam and sew 1/8″ from the raw edge of the open seam. Sew up 10”. Repeat on the other side of the seam.

Now you have created 2 casings. Using a safety pin, thread one of your tie pieces through the casing. Repeat with the second tie and casing. Remove the safety pin, and stitch the ends in place at the top of the casings. Slide casings up to create a ruched look. Tie the ties. Repeat on the other leg.

To finish the side seams, start at the top and sew down the side using the recommended seam allowance ending at where the casing begins. Finish pants as directed in the tutorial.

Ruched Hem Tie Mod by Lindsay Fry

To see more of Lindsay’s amazing Ragamuffin Pattern sews, please join us in my pattern group, Ragamuffin Patterns. The Chillaxin’ Collection will be on sale until May 17, 2020 @ 11:59pst. We also have a promo coupon for 30% off the rest of my pattern shop, does not include the Chillaxin’ Collection.
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