Free Messy Bun Hat

This is a super quick 10min hat that will accommodate that messy bun we all love.  First you’ll need to click over and grab your FREE copy of Made for Mermaids, knit beanie.  This pattern is sided for small kids, big kids, teens and adults.  It is a great go to quick sew for your basic winter hat, but today we are going to give it a quick make over.

First, print your pattern.   It is one page, so that is super awesome!  I don’t cut this for each size, I just cut under the paper to keep my pattern in one piece.   Once you have your pattern and size ready to go, mark the spot where the angle line meets the fold side. Now fold your pattern piece over.  Basically we are not using the top portion of this hat.

Here it is folded and on my fabric.  You need to cut 2 of these out of your main fabric and 2 from another for your liner.

After you cut them out, sew up the side seams.

You have two choices now.
1- Add a band to the top
2- leave it with no band.
To add a band follow these steps first.   If not skip past it.

**To add a band ** this will pull it a little more closed.
Measure the top opening, and multiply that by 0.85.  This will give you an 85% band length.  I am using a 1.25″ width, so my band will end up being  1/2″ wide using a 1/4″ seam allowance.  After you cut your band, sew the short ends together.

Now, you will quarter your band, hat main, and hat liner.  You are going to sandwich the band in between the layers of the hat.

Make sure to only stretch the band to fit, not the hat layers.  Remove pins or clips before you sew through them.  This is just like sewing on a neckband.  For additional tips for sewing on neckbands, check out Neckband 101 .

**For no band**
Now, turn your liner right side out and slide it into the main fabric.  Make sure right sides are together.   Then you will sew that top seam in the round, to keep it open.

**Both options pick up here**

Now, turn it right side out and mark your quarters.  Do the same to the band.  Slide the band inside the hat right sides together.  Then sew your band on and you are done.

Now, wasn’t that super quick!  Just a minor adjustment to an already free pattern and now you have a super cute and trendy messy bun hat.

Like my Fabric?
Faux rainbow sparkle is from Pink Zeppelin Fabric
Main hat fabric is from Dark Matter Fabric

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    • Up in the very first paragraph it tells us where to download the pattern. This tutorial will show you how to make this messy bun hat from the pattern.

  1. I made scrub caps for my daughter-in-law, I think she’ll like this better. She’s a physical therapist. Thank you!

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