Finishing your serger thread chain

Finishing the thread chain from a serger is not difficult.  There are lots of methods out there, but this is my favorite for its simplicity.  First you should know, that 99% of the time your threads will either cross in a seam (ex. where the shoulder seam meets the sleeve) or be folded up in a hem.  In both cases, nothing is needed to be done to “secure” the chain stitch from your serger.  With all sewing, basic machine too, when you cross your stitches, this will secure them on there own.

Now, for the serger thread chain. When you are sewing in the round (ex. a neckband to neck opening) and you come up to the start of your seam, sew right through it.  You want to cross your stitches about 1″ to secure them from unraveling.  After you have sewn over your starting point, simply either pick up the presser foot and chain off your garment, or slightly turn your fabric on an angle and sew right off the edge.  When your item is free from the serger, simply cut the extra thread as close to the seam as possible.   And that is all you need to do!  You can do this for the bottom of any fabric before you fold up and hem too.  For example, bottom of sleeves, leggings, ( or as I call them pants ), skirts…  the list goes on.  Just remember to Cross.  Your.  Stitches.






It is not necessary to tie the ends in a knot or weave them back into the seam.  That just takes time you don’t need to waste.  The only thing you need to remember is to Cross Your Stitches.  Happy sewing.

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