Faux Snap or Button Placket

Creating that sweet vintage look is simpler than you would think.  Adding a placket with snaps or buttons is a great way to achieve this look (I personally detest sewing buttons, so I will always choose snaps if I can).   I am using  my Lil’ Lady dress & shirt pattern, but you can do this with any pattern you’d like.  You will also need a ruler, scissors or rotary cutter, snaps or buttons.

The first thing you need to do is cut out your bodice front.  Then, decide how wide you want your placket to be.  This will depend on your buttons, snaps, or look you want to achieve.  I leave my bodice folded and lay my clear ruler on it to get an idea of how big the placket will be.  My snaps re 1/2″ wide, so I know I need to be a little bigger than that.  You will be folding and sewing your placket in half, so keep that in mind (that is why I leave my bodice on the fold).

Here I am going to cut my placket 1.75″ wide x length of bodice.

After you cut your placket, fold it in half wrong sides together. Then sew the long end together, and then turn it right side out.  There are great turning tools for this, but I use a safety pin.

With your bodice folded in half, mark the center bottom and center top with straight pins or fabric marker.  This will help center your placket.  Then line up the center of your placket with the center of your bodice.  Pin to secure in place.

With your longest stitch length and topstitch your placket in place.  Remember knits are stretchy, so take your time and let the machine pull the fabric, not you.  You don’t want a wavy or bumpy placket.

Now, decide on your snap or button placement.  Make sure you are measuring so they are evenly spaced.  When you are happy with the placement, apply snaps or sew on buttons.

Your snap placket is finished!  You can return to your pattern instructions.

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Skirt fabric is from Vintage Lace Prints

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