Dynamite Lace-up v neck  & mega wing modesty hack

I love my testers! They are so creative and come up with the best modifications to my patterns.  This one come from Natasha Nefdt. While testing the Dynamite pattern in the deep V neck style she thought it would look great  to do a lace up front. I am all for simple & amazing modification so I said go for it! We decided that it was too good to keep to ourselves so I asked her to share what she did in a blog post. Here is her step by step instruction on how to recreate her awesome and super easy mod.

For an extra bonus hack she included a super quick way to close the mega wing up a bit so you can’t see your under things when you move your arms around. This was a concern from some of our testers who didn’t want to wear a cami or extra shirt under the mega wing style. Natasha heard them and gave us a quick fix modesty hack.

V neck Cinch ties

Dynamite Shirt & Dress  – V neck front fully sewn and ready to wear.

Additional supplies:
long scrap piece of fabric.
Small safety pin
Cut 1″ strip of fabric (Full length) with the stretch going with the length of the fabric.
Serge or sew the strip down the long edge right sides together to make a tube.
Use the safety pin to turn the fabric tube right way out
Fold each side of the v neck front in half to find the middle. Mark it with a pin.
Measure from the v neck point to the pin and divide this measurement by 2. This number will be the number of loops needed for your size.
Cut the fabric loop into 2″ pieces. These are the fabric loops. Only cut as many as the previous step.
Place the fabric loops against the wrong side of the dress/top. Pin in place with 1-2″ space between each. The closer you place the loops the tighter you’ll be able to make your laces.
Fold the loop strips in half and place them along the neckline and pin them in place.
Sew back and forth twice to secure the fabric loops in place. Tip* I make sure the seam of the fabric loops are facing down toward the v point.
Once all fabric loops have been sewn to the binding, laces the remaining of the rest of the fabric loops through the newly secured ones on the shirt. Thread just like shoe laces.
Voila and you are done!
*A note from Little Ragamuffin*

These steps are similar to how we make the lace up back for the Vegas Sundress & Double Down Day Dress. You can see me sew the lace up back to the Vegas Sundress here.

Mega wing modesty hack T shirt sleeve length
Start with your Dynamite Shirt & Dress  mega wing tshirt lengh fully sewn and ready to wear.
Put your top/dress on. Have another person help you and pin the front and back underarm area together. Make sure it is comfortable and not too tight. It should put a bit of tension on the bust area.
Carefully take it off and lay the dress/top in half and make sure the pins placement matches each side.
Sew with a straight stitch roughly 4″ from the armpit area down alongside the bust area.
Voila try it on and remember to pull your arm through above the stitching.

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