Drafting Your Own Vintage Collar

I adore vintage clothing, and  love the peter pan style collars.  So, naturally I wanted to create this look myself.  I searched for a pattern and wasn’t sold on the options available.  That is when I decided to draft my own.

Peter Pan collars are very versatile. You can add them to a t shirt for a “Modern” look or a dress for a “Retro/ vintage” style.  Being able to draft your own is a great skill to have.  You can add this to just about any pattern.

To start, you will need your bodice front and back pieces.  Put a piece of paper over the bodice front and trace it.  Then,  line the back bodice piece up with the shoulder and trace the back bodice.

Once you have the outline of the front and back bodice, measure your shoulder seam- Mine is 2″ .  Mark the 2″ (or whatever your shoulder seam length is) all the way around the neck opening of your traced bodice. Then, sketch out the shape of your collar.  You can make it pointy or curved, it is up to you.   This one I have done is curved.

Make sure to mark your your fold and label your pattern piece for future reference.

Here are my pieces, all cut out.  I have one main (red) and one lining (black).

Place them wrong sides together and sew or serge the outer edge.  Leave the center open.

Once you have it sewn, clip up to the stitches, but not through them.  Do this all the way around the collar.  Doing this will make sure your collar has nice curves.

Turn it right side out and press all outer seam.  Then fold it in half and pin or mark the center back.

Sew your bodice shoulder seams together and mark the front and back center.  Line up your collar and pin it to the bodice.  I use a few extra pins  in the front to keep my collar from shifting during sewing.

Now, you will stay stitch it on.  Using the longest stitch length stitch length sew all the way around the collar.  Doing this will make it so easy when you add your neckband.  And that will be your last step.  If you need help with neckbands, see  Neckband 101 .

After you stay stitch your collar, go back to the pattern instructions and finish your dress or top.

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The fabric used here:
Bodice fabric is from Pink Zeppelin Fabric
Skirt fabric is from Vintage Lace Prints

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