Draft Your Own Inset Pockets

I love pockets and truly believe they belong in everything. Pocket making is pretty basic and only takes a few steps.  You just need to know how big you want your pocket and how much room you have to add your pocket.

For this tutorial we are going to be making a pocket for a circle skirt.  You will need your skirt pattern or to make your own template, an extra piece of paper, a pen for drawing and a ruler for measuring.


First, lay your paper over your pattern piece or template.


Next, you are going to make some marks.

  • You will need to mark a few inches down from the top of the pattern.  This is where your pocket will start.  Adults are about 3″ kids 2″.  This will depend on the pattern you are making the pockets for.
  • Mark 1″ from the bottom of the pattern.  This is to keep your pattern from going below the hem.
  • The last mark you will need is the bottom of the skirt.  So you don’t make something that will be too long.
  • The last thing you will mark is your seam allowance.  Measure in 1/2″ from the edge of your paper and draw a line.  If you want less seam allowance mark it how you’d like.


Now find something common you always put in your pocket. Example: Phone, tablet, keys, wallet…  I am just going to use my hand for this.  After all it is always in my pocket and it is convenient for this tutorial.  Place your item(s) on the paper and trace a large “U” shape around it.


This is how it will look after you draw it out.


You will want to trace your lines to make them solid if you are sketchy with your lines like I am.


Then Cut your your pocket.


After it is cut out you will want to label it.  You need 4 pocket pieces, 2 mirror sets.


And that is how you make a pocket.  To learn how to add this to a circle skirt see my tutorial here.

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