Draft your own Circle Skirt

Circle skirts are very basic to self draft, you can use a circle app/ calculator if you know your measurements.  There is also a free one in your app store for smart phones or other devices.  Just plug in your measurements (either waist- if attaching to a dress or hips- for just a skirt) that is the circumference of the circle.
Since the circumference is your waist/hip measurement,  just plug that into the calculator.  I put 24″ in for my circumference and it tells me the Diameter is 8 ( I rounded since it is really close), you will need to divide that in half ( 4″).   If you are cutting on a single fold measure from the fold center out in a circle 4″, if you are cutting your skirt on a double fold, you will divide the diameter in half to get the Radius.  You will measure from the corner of the double fold out 4″Now, you have your waist or hip opening, how long do you want your skirt?  Maybe you want your skirt to be 20″ long, measure down the side of the fold 20″ (take in account your waistband if you are making just a skirt ) and 20″ around the first circle you made.  It will look like this when you are done.


fabric laying flat


Fabric on one side fold.  The red is the length of my skirt.  I drafted it first on paper.  You can use printer paper, you will have to tape it together, or a large roll of paper.


This is the skirt on a double fold.  The blue lines are my radius.  You measure  from the corner out to create your hip/ waist opening.  The red lines are your skirt lenght.  You measure those from your hip/ waist opening along the sides and out.  This will create the body of your skirt.


After I cut my skirt it will look like this.


Here is my skirt opened up half way.  The top sides are both on folds


This is the full circle skirt opened up.


If you are adding this to a bodice for a dress, use your waist measurement.  If you are adding this to a waistband, to make a skirt, use your hip measurement.  To make your waistband you will need to know the length from waist to hips.  Lets call it 6″.  You will cut a waistband 12″ tall by 90% of your actual waist, since we are using stretchy knits you want it a little smaller (so it stays on).   Then you will sew your raw ends (the short ends) together to make a loop/ tube shape.  Fold it over to make it double layer matching up raw edges.  Then, quarter both the waistband and skirt marking them with pins or clips.  Match up quarter marks and sew together Stretching the waistband slightly to match up evenly with the skirt.

Cut your waistband and sew the short raw ends together.

htm-a-circle-skirt7 htm-a-circle-skirt8

After it is sewn fold it over, wrong sides together matching up the seam, and quarter marking with pins.  Quarter the skirt too.


Pin the waistband to the skirt, right sides together and lining up quarter marks.  The best way to do this is to place the waistband inside the skirt opening.


Now, you will sew them together.  The skirt is bigger than your waistband, so you will need to pull slightly on the waistband to fit the skirt.

Make sure you are not stretching the skirt only the waistband.  **remove pins as you go. **

htm-a-circle-skirt11 htm-a-circle-skirt12

Your skirt can be left with a raw bottom edge since knit will not fray.  I prefer to finish my bottom edge.  My favorite way is to do a lettuce edge hem, or roll hem.  If you need help with your roll hem/ lettuce edge hem check out my tutorial here.


And here is your newly finished and ready to twirl circle skirt.  That’s it it is just that simple!  Now, I realize you may not want to go through all the measuring every time you want to make a skirt.  I have 2 solutions for that:

1- Make a template like I did out of paper
2- buy a circle skirt pattern.  Ragamuffin Patterns Outlaw lady & lil’ Lady patterns both have a circle skirt option. You can buy them separately or in a bundle.

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