DIY Princess Arm Warmers

You can’t make a princess dress without the perfect princess arm warmers, aka fingerless gloves.  They are a lot simpler than you probably thought.  With just a few quick measurements and about 15min of sewing time, your little princess will be excited for her new accessory.

I like to use cotton lycra for these (95%cotton/5% lycra).  It has nice 4 way stretch and great recovery (this means it returns to the original shape after being stretched.) There are 3 measurements you will need.

  1. Measure around the hand just under the knuckles.
  2. Measure the length you want up the arm. (remember to add 1/2″ at both ends to finish the ends)
  3. Measure the circumference around the arm where you want the arm warmer to end.

Now that you have your measurements, you can start cutting.  You will cut your arm warmer on the fold and at an angle.  The width of your 1st measurement (the fingers/ around the palm) will be the smallest side. and the the top of the arm measurement will be the widest part.  Connect the 2 measurements with the length you desire (remember your 1/2″ at each ends).

This is optional, but I like to serge around the whole piece.  This makes sewing easier and prevents the edges from rolling.  It also looks more professional when you are done.

To make the thumb holes, measure 1.25″ and mark with a pin.  For best results, measure the distance from the thumb to the knuckle.  After marking the top of the thumb, measure down 1.5″-2.5″ depending on the size hand/thumb you are making these for.

Sew 1/4″ seam from the top of the arm warmer to the first pin.  Skip over the pins and start sewing after the 2nd pin a 1/4″ seam for about 2″.  Make sure you backstitch.

Working on the inside of your arm warmer, press the seams open and sew around the opening.  When you are done it will look like a large button hole.

All that is left to do is fold your ends over 1/2″ and sew the finished edge.  Your princess arm warmers are now done and your little one now has the perfect princess accessory.

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