DIY Infinity Scarf

Infinity scarves are great for Fall and Winter weather, but they are also a great fashion accessory that can be worn all year round. They are simple to make and only take a few minutes. Plus going into the holiday season – -they make amazing gifts!

Before you start you’ll need to choose your fabric. Think about who will be wearing the scarf and what the purpose is. Is this a fashion accessory or a more practical scarf for warmth?

Fabric like brushed waffle knit (like I used in the picture tutorial below) makes a really nice, soft, and warm infinity scarf. This type of fabric would be perfect for both a fashion and practical scarf. Fabrics like stretch chiffon (like I used in the video tutorial) make extremely pretty fashion scarves, but have no real practical use, unless your idea of practical is to look amazing! Both fabrics are available in my fabric shop.

Regardless of your fabric choice the process is still the same. So, let’s get to sewin’.

Cut your fabric – You will need 1/2 yard of 60″ wide knit fabric
Adults: 18″ x 60″
Big kids 8-12: 52″ x 14″
kids 4-6: 46″ x 12″

*I do not recommend an infinity scarf for children under 4.*

Fold the fabric in half , so the right sides are together. Sew along the longest raw edge to create a long tube of fabric.

With the fabric inside out (wrong side & seams showing) reach through one end and pull the fabric through the tub and line up the raw edges. Be carful not to twist the fabric as you pull it through.

Sew around the circle to connect the two ends, but leave a 1″ opening. DO NOT sew completely around the circle. You need the 1″ opening to turn your scarf right side out.

Once your scarf is right side out, simply close up the 1″ opening and you are done!

Watch me sew!

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