DIY Boot Toppers

Basic Boot Toppers Tutorial

These are super quick!  You are basically making 2 tubes and sewing them together.  I love these because they don’t add extra bulk to my boots, but they do add a bit of sexy.

  • First measure your calf at the top (Just past the largest part, where it starts to get smaller below your knee)
  • Then measure around your calf 6″ down from your first measurement.
  • Your bands are going to be cut 85%, or 1″ smaller —  I did both, and they both work fine, the 85% did stay in place better after a long night of dancing 😉
  • Once you have your pieces cut, sew or serge your ends together.
  • Then fold in half and slide the top cuff inside the bottom cuff.
  • Sew or serge the top of the cuff  to the bottom.
  • Done

Lace Boot Toppers

The lace boot toppers are going to be pretty similar with measurement, but we are going to be constructing them differently.  You will want to add 1/4″ elastic to the top of your lace.  This will prevent it from sliding down.

  • Cut your piece of stretch lace.  I like lace that is at least 3″ wide.  The black I have was 7″ I just cut it in half for my 2 boot toppers.
  • Cut your cotton lycra 3″ wide.
  • Your elastic should be 80% or about 2″ smaller than your lace.


  • Place your lace over you cotton lycra.
  • Sew the raw edge together, stretching the cotton lycra as you go.
  • I like to top stitch the middle seam down, but that is optional.
  • Find a nice place near the top of your lace to sew your elastic.  Look for a spot in the pattern with the most lace so it hides the elastic nicely.
  • Sew your elastic to the top of your lace, stretching it evenly as you go.  You can mark centers to help stretch it evenly.  I use a wide zig-zag to sew it on.

Now you will sew your ends together.  Place them right sides together and sew or serge the seam.  If you are sewing it on a standard machine, be sure to backstitch.  If you are using a serger, here is how you can secure your serged seam.

  • After you serge your seam make sure you leave a nice tail.
  • Take the tail and fold it over the serged seam and serge it again, right on top.
  • Doing this will keep the seam together at the top where you are not hemming.

The last step is to fold the bottom up 1/2″ and hem with a cover stitch or twin needle.  That’s all and it only takes about 10 minutes- cut to finish!

These are the basic boot toppers, but I added grommets to the top and put lace through it.  I used some scrap pieces of lace for these.  I love them so much!

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My Stripes are from Euro Girls Boutique

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