Beach Bunny Swimwear 2.0 Reversible

Making anything reversible is always a bit of a challenge.  I think this was one of the easiest reversible items I have ever made.  The decision to make this swim suit reversible for one simple reason- I only had enough lining material for one suit! Sometimes the best ideas come from necessity.  “Make it Work”

This is an easy modification (or extra option) to my original Beach Bunny Swimwear tutorial.  You will need to read through that for cutting instructions and to get familiar with the construction.

Patterns you will need
FREE lovesick bralette pattern from George and Ginger Patterns (free in their Facebook group, the pattern is listed in the files).
Cross My Heart Cami
Hello Sailor swim bottoms

Your cut fabric
2 main fronts
2 main backs
2 halter straps
2 main bralette cups
main bottoms front and back and lining
2 main back ties
Loops and lace up ties
*Remember to cut your lining skirt 1-2″ longer than your top skirt, just like in the original Beach Bunny tutorial.

Back Ties

This is the back piece of the bralette pattern.  At first I cut it in one piece, but then quickly realizes I couldn’t make it reversible with it in one piece.  That is why I cut them in half, and ended up rounding the corners.  The squared edges folded over and were kind of floppy when I did my first fitting, so I changed the pieces a little.  I already took the pictures for this tutorial and couldn’t retake them.  So when you see the white rounded marks over the pieces, that is because they should be rounded.

Back Ties Construction

  • Layer your back tie pieces right sides together.  If you are lining the back ties (*optional) place that on top of the stack.
  • Add your “ties” inside the back piece, make sure it is centered.
  • Pin in place
  • Sew around the edges leaving the back open.
  • Clip curves
  • Turn right side out.
  •  Set aside for later.

Back Loops

  • Cut a long rectangle 1.5″ wide by 15″ long
  • Sew right sides together along the length of the piece
  • Turn the tube right side out – I like this turning tool .
  • Cut into 1.5″ pieces
  • Set aside for later

Main Suit Construction 

  • Sew your bralette pieces ( darts and centers)
  • *For this suit I added a piece of swim elastic to the center of the bralette
  • Sew your bralette piece to the main front
  • Sew your front and back with right sides together
  • If you are adding a lining, you are going to sew that to one of your main fronts- only at the bralette seam

Finishing the front with halter straps

  • Cut your halter straps 2″ by 25″
    – Since I am using solid swim with no right or wrong side I don’t need to sew them into a tube like in the first Beach bunny tutorial.  I am leaving them with raw edges here.
  • Place your straps in the same place your bralette requires
  • Pin in place
  • Place your suits right sides together
  • Pin in place, match up seams
  • Sew across the front and back top only.
  • Turn right side out and check to make sure the straps are even.

Adding loops and back ties

  • Place your back ties right sides together at the top of the back
  • Pin in place
  • Measure 1/2″ down and place your first loop
  • Pin in place
  • Space your loops evenly along the back
  • Baste the loops in place
  • Sew along the back
  • Turn right side out

Now, you can hem your skirts in your favorite way.  I like to use a coverstitch to hem mine.  The center skirt will show the hem on both sides, since it is longer and will stick out under your top skirt.  I hem this and then flip it and restitch the hem, so it looks the same on both sides.

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