Badass Button Down pencil skirt hack

If you’ve ever used a Ragamuffin Pattern , then you probably know how much I love loading each pattern with style variations. The Badass Button Down is no exception. This pattern is LOADED with style options, from basic shelf bra lined tshirt to a princess seam button down dress, and everything in between. And now I want to share with you 1 more style variation you can do with just a few extra steps.

It’s a pencil skirt! But not just any pencil skirt it’s a badass pencil skirt! There are 2 lengths, 2 bands, and 2 rise options you can make with this pattern hack.

  • Skirt rise
  • High rise – cut 3″ above the shortie shirt length
    Low rise – cut at the shortie shirt length
  • Skirt length
  • Band width
    2″ wide – basic band
    4″ wide – thicker/ high waist style
  • Optional skirt vent
    You can place this in any seam you’d like. In the center back is a more classic look, while venting the front side seam can be a updated sexy look.  But why stop there- vent both front seams and lace them up for a really badass pencil skirt!

Making the basic skirt:



Making the vent:


Now isn’t that a “badass” hack! I can’t wait to see all the badass pencil skirts. Please share your Ragamuffin Pattern creations & use the hastag #RagamuffinPatterns #BadassSeamstress on Facebook or instagram ( tags are welcome @lil_ragamuffn).

*Fabric used for my mini skirt was from Pink Zeppelin Fabrics, fashion fabric line. All the fashion fabric is $10 or less and the quality is amazing!

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