Pattern Hacks

Hackin’ the Chillaxin’

If you have ever wondered why my patterns have a zillion style variations, it’s because “Why not?” Seriously, why limit a pattern by only including 1-2 style options when it is so easy to give […]

Ragamuffin Pattern News

It’s Chillaxin’ Time!

Chillaxin’ (ch’ill-lacks-in)verb (slang) The ultimate state of relaxation while having a chill attitude with no worries or stress. I’ve finally made a pants pattern! After being hounded for about a year from some very persistent […]

Ragamuffin Pattern News

2 year & 10K Celebration

So, it’s been two years… Wait- What!? Yeah, two whole years since I sent the Vegas Sundress out to the masses. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of designing so many beautiful patterns. Each one […]

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