Adding inset pocket to a circle skirt

Pockets belong in everything!  They can be added to almost anything too.  I am a big fan of circle skirts, but most circle skirt patterns don’t have seams to add pockets.  Circle skirts are very basic to self draft, you can use my Circle Skirt Tutorial or use one you love. The outlaw lady shirt, dress, skirt is a great pattern with a circle skirt and pockets.   If you don’t have that one and don’t want to buy it you can use my pocket making tutorial .

Let’s start with cutting your fabric. Since you are going to be cutting the side seams open, add 1/2″ to each side before cutting.  Once you have your skirt cut out, cut open the two sides to make two halves.


Now we will place our pocket right sides together, about 3″ (for adults, 2″ for kids) from the top.


Sew that pocket on right sides together.  Do the same for both pieces, you will have 4 pocket pieces to sew on.  2 front and 2 back.  Then flip the pocket out and if you want to top stitch the seam down you can, I don’t, it is just a personal preference.


Now, take your front and back and lay them right sides together.  Pin or clip them in place.  You are going to sew up the skirt and around the pocket.



After you have sewn the two sides together you will only need to add it to your waistband or dress.  That is it!  You are done!   Now, you can have inset pockets in all your circle skirts.


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