Adding Cuffs to Tiny Sleeves and Pants

If you are having trouble sewing cuffs to pants or sleeves on tiny items- baby or small kids clothes, you just need to rethink the process.  Your cuff will not fit around the free arm, ( and lets face it, your pins or clips get all jammed up in there anyway) so what do you do?  Flip.  It.  Over. 

Yes!  it was like a lightning bolt hit me when I decided to stop the struggle (yes, the struggle is real with this) and flip it over.  That ta-dah moment changed my sewing world- at least for cuffs.  So, here is how it goes.

  1. Prepare your cuff- sew the long seam, flip wrong sides together, matching up the seam and raw edges.  Pin in quarters.
  2. Prepare your sleeve/ pant leg – sew together, turn inside out, and quarter marking with pins.
  3. Slide the prepared cuff inside the sleeve/ pant leg- match seams and quarter marks with pins.
  4. Lift your presser foot and place your pinned cuff and sleeve/ pants under.  Put your presser foot down.
  5. Sew.  Stretch the cuff slightly to fit.  Remember to remove pins or clips as you go.
  6. When you come to the end of your seam, sew through your beginning stitches about 1″ crossing your stitches to secure them.
  7. Done!

With smaller cuffs you can just pin in the half marks, quarters aren’t necessary.  I do this for all cuffs, baby, kids, adult.  It is just faster and nothing gets snagged in my free arm.



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  1. Det største problemet med vestens overforbruk kombinert med innvandring til vesten er at innvandrerne legger seg opp mot vårt forbruksmønster, noe som fører til et ytterligere press på jordens ressurser. Vi bør derfor:1. Stanse all innvandring2. Senke vårt forbruk

  2. Bien-sûr qu’on aurait envie d’en faire une charlotte, mais moi, ces biscuits-là, je les aime tellement “nature” que j’arrive à m’en contenter ainsi … les tiens sont vraiment TRES, TRES réussis !!Bonne soirée.Marie

  3. This is a game changing tip!
    Thank you Jennifer for this great tutorial.
    I’ve shared it several times since you re-posted for me two days ago!

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